Have you heard about AI writing software? Want to generate AI content? Want to save time and money? Then here is the best AI writing software in 2022.

I know recently from the past couple of months we all heard about so many AI tools like Jarvis, Jasper, and many more.

Here are the 3 most popular and best AI tools:

#1 In My Eye (Best)

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Jasper is one of the best AI writing tools, it is so popular and it comes with extra advanced features.

#2 Most Affordable

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Writecream is a good AI tool, If you have less budget then try writecream. It also comes as a lifetime deal.

#3 Good But Not Best

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ShortlyAI is also a good AI tool, It is owned by jasper AI tool only. So you can also go with shortlyAI tool.

There are so many top bloggers and copywriters talking about an assistant tool that can write for you, and I know you might be thinking that there are tools that can save your time but the tools are so costly.

So In this today’s post, we are going to discuss the best AI writing software.

Which is the best Ai writing software in April 2022?

Best AI Writing Software
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Here are the top picks of the best AI writing software, this list might be helpful for you.

1. Jasper AI

jasper ai free trial
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Jasper is a great AI writing tool that can help you to write your blog content, ad copies, and many more.

With the jasper AI tool, you have to only give “command” and “compose” this tool will write all the content automatically because the jasper AI tool comes with the latest GPT-3 technology.

Jasper is the popular tool in the AI tool community, Jasper AI content really ranks on google. It is properly SEO optimized because it also integrates with tools like Grammarly, Surfer SEO.

Note: You should try jasper AI free trial which you will get for 5 days, if you want to know more you can read this post.

Let’s talk about jasper features and all.

Jasper AI Features:

Jasper uses advanced features of AI to detect the key elements in your writing. Artificial intelligence makes it fast & easy to create content for your blog, social media, website, and more! Rated 5/5 stars in 3,000+ reviews.

Jasper is properly optimized for the works like writing content, poetry, writing AI-generated ad copies.

  • 50+ Templates: jasper provides you 50+ templates like long form assistant, intro writing, blog post outline & paragraph writing and many more.
  • Punctuation: This feature is so needed while writing any content, so jasper provides you that. It writes your content with proper commas, question marks, exclamation marks and many more.
  • Writing an SEO Optimized content: It means jasper integrates with Surfer SEO, It provides you all the details which fulfill your on page SEO.
  • Provides Content Without Grammar Mistakes: It means Jasper has integrated with grammarly the most popular grammar mistakes solver tool, So you don’t have to think about grammar mistakes.

So we have talked about jasper AI features, now it’s time to talk about its pricing.

Jasper Pricing

Jarvis Price
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Currently, jasper has 2 plans which are the starter plan and the boss mode plan. The boss mode plan is amazing because it comes with lots of features and integration facilities.

Here are more details about jasper pricing and plans:

Starter Plan: Starter plan pricing starts at $29/monthly. In which you will get 20,000 Words/monthly access with 50+ Templates and short copywriting features.

Boss Mode Plan: jasper boss mode plan pricing starts with $59/monthly. In which you will get 50,000 words/monthly access with long content, great context, 50+ Templates, Jasper commands, SEO Mode, and many more extra features.

Overall Thoughts About Jasper AI writing tool

Jasper is a great AI writing tool. I am writing this because I have used it and I am constantly using it for the past couple of months. So I recommend you to go with the jasper AI tool.

Get started with a 5 day free trial of jasper, then if you like it you can move to the plans and pricing.

2. Writecream AI writing Tool

writecream ai lifetime deal
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Writecream is the other best AI tool that is personally used by me, and Currently, I am also using it because writecream comes with a lifetime deal.

Writecream is the first tool that provides you a free trial without a credit card. I am personally using this tool and it is an amazing AI tool if you have less budget.

Writecream AI tool has also some other features, so let’s talk about it.

Writecream Features

  • Icebreakers: You can use whitecream to write cold emails, linkedin outreach, backlink campaigns, Image and audio icebreakers.
  • Digital Ads Copy: You can write copies of facebook, google, Instagram, Linkedin and twitter.
  • Articles & Blogs: This is my fav feature because in this you are getting the long form assistant tool, It helps you to generate your blog idea, outline and heading expandition.
  • Video & Audio: You can convert your texts or articles into podcasts using writecream and also You can generate youtube video scripts.
  • Social Media: Using Writecream you can write instagram, twitter, facebook captions and product reviews.

So these are the features of writecream now it’s time to talk about writecream AI Pricing and plans.

Writecream pricing & plans

Writecream Ai Pricing
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Currently, there are 4 plans of writecream + their lifetime deal.

Free Forever Plan: In the free plan you will get 20 credits and every content template, chat & email support.

Standard Plan: The standard plan pricing starts with $49/month in this plan you will get 200 credits (200 credits – 400,00 characters). Plus you will get all other features like podcast generator, AI copy generator, and all.

Extended Plan: This plan pricing starts with $69/month in which you will get 750 credits/month (750 credit – 1,500,000 characters) and you will get all the features.

Custom Plan: In this custom plan you can get credits according to you, and the pricing depends upon credits.

Lifetime Plan: This writecream lifetime deal is currently live on appsumo, you will get writecream for a lifetime at only $59 and In this, you get 200 credits/month for the lifetime and access to all the tools.

Overall Thoughts About Writecream AI writing tool

Writecream is the 2nd best AI writing software, I recommend you if you have less budget then try writecream lifetime deal at $59.

3. Shortly AI Tool

ShortlyAi Free Trial Landing Page
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Shortly AI is the other AI tool which delivers the best AI content to their customers, Shortly the tool was recently acquired by jasper AI tool so I recommend you to take jasper AI rather than shortly AI.

If you have less budget and want to test AI content tools then you should go with shortly AI or other AI tools, but If you have a high budget then I would recommend you to go with the jasper AI tool.

So let’s talk about a shortly AI tool.

Shortly AI Features

  • /Shorten[text]: You can use this command to shorten long paragraphs and sentences, making them easier to read.
  • /Expand[text]: This command takes the opposite of the shortening command, building longer sentences instead.
  • /Instruct[text]: Whenever you want to instruct your AI to write or perform a specific action, you can use the instruct command. This can include anything from asking your AI to write about a new character showing up in your story to asking your AI to write an ad copy.
  • /Rewrite[text]: You can use this command to rewrite what was written in the previous line; just putting the new idea. It does not include the previous sentence, but only what you want to rewrite.
  • /Command[text]: This and one other ShortyAI commands are provided, allowing users to write multiple lines at a time without having to use ‘/instruct’. This will allow for better story writing as you will be able to remember when each line was written.

Shortly AI Pricing & Plans

Shortly AI Pricing
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There are only two plans of shortly AI, here are the plans:

  • Monthly Plan: This monthly plan pricing starts with $79/month, In this plan you will get all the features.
  • Yearly Plan: This yearly plan pricing starts with $65/month & In this plan also you will get all the features.

Overall Thoughts About Shortly the Best Ai Writing software

My overall thoughts on shortly AI is I recommend you to take jasper AI tool because you will jasper AI boss mode plan at $59 and in that you will get all other features.

4. WordHero AI Tool

WordHero AI Tool
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Word hero is such a popular AI tool, it can generate Facebook ads, blog intro, blog paragraphs & many more things. There are also so many features you must check it out once.

WordHero is a popular AI tool on appsumo after writecream so I would suggest you take word hero or writecream if you want to take it for a lifetime.

Wordhero Features

  • 54 AI Writing Tool: There are 54 AI writing tools that you will get if you take it, there are tools like AIDA Copywriting formula, Social media post ideas, You can also generate poems & Marketing ideas.
  • Save Your Time: Writing takes up a lot of time and brain juice. WordHero greatly reduces your time spent on online research and writing. Save countless hours of backbreaking work every month.
  • Save Thousands of Dollars on Hiring: Hiring a good writer or copywriter can be expensive. WordHero reduces an over-reliance on writers. You can even let your writers use WordHero to cut down on their writing time.

Wordhero Pricing & Plans

Wordhero Pricing
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Here are the pricing & plans of wordhero AI tool, there are 3 plans:

  • Monthly Plan: Wordhero monthly plan pricing starts with $49/monthly You will get other features in this plan.
  • Yearly Plan: If you want a yearly plan which is pro unlimited starts with $29/monthly. In this you will get All the features.
  • Lifetime Plan: You can take a wordhero lifetime deal at $89, pay once and get all the features for lifetime.

Overall Thoughts About Wordhero the best AI Writing software

If you are thinking of taking on a word hero then I recommend you to take its lifetime deal, and if you want a tool literally for blogging then I am using writecream you should try it.

5. Grammarly AI Tool

Grammarly AI
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Grammarly, this name is so popular because Grammarly corrects all the grammar mistakes. Grammarly began operations in 2009, positioning itself as the industry’s leading grammar and spell-checker. 

It stands out from others because it checks spelling and grammar, as well as spotting contextual errors to improve your writing skills.

The tool offers to check capabilities in multiple languages, including Australian, US, and UK English. It also lets you check for plagiarism and provides suggestions on how to improve the quality of the text you write.

So let’s talk about grammarly features:

Grammarly AI Features

Writing assistant tool Grammarly analyzes your text using advanced AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. 

It highlights sentence structure and style issues and can even improve the readability, clarity, and conciseness of your text.

  • Spelling & Grammar: If you use Grammarly AI Tool, then you should forget about grammatical mistakes.
  • Multi-language support
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Content Quality Score

Now It’s time to talk about Grammarly AI Tools.

Grammarly Pricing & Plans

Grammarly Prices and Plans _ Grammarly
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Currently, there are three plans:

Free Plan: You don’t have to pay anything for the free plan & in this plan, you will get basic grammar, spelling & punctuation corrections.

Premium Plan: This premium plan pricing starts at $12/monthly. In this, you will get all the features of free plan and plagiarism detection, the single user only.

Business Plan: This business plan pricing starts with $12.50/member/month. In this plan, you will get all features.

Overall Thoughts About Grammarly AI writing tool

I use Grammarly to solve my grammatical errors, So I recommend you to use Grammarly extensions.

6. Wordtune AI Tool

Wordtune Ai
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Wordtune is an amazing AI rewriter tool, If something is common so many bloggers wrote about it. You can use a wordtune tool to generate the same line with other ways or different words.

With Wordtune, you can use artificial intelligence tools and advanced NLP technology to make your content more compelling, engaging, and well-received.

So let’s talk about wordtune features

Wordtune AI Features

In addition to rewriting your sentences in Wordtune so that they read better, Wordtune allows you to preserve the original meaning of your sentences. It offers several different options for each sentence you need to rewrite.

There are also features like an Entirely cloud-based tool, Smart paste feature, Works with all editors and email clients, Semantic analysis-based rewrites & many more.

Now it’s time to talk about wordtune pricing & plans.

Wordtune Pricing & Plans

Wordtune Plans
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Wordtune also has the same plans as Grammarly:

Free Plan: You don’t have to pay for a free plan. In this plan, you will get limited access. You will get 20 rewrites a day.

Premium Plan: This premium plan pricing starts with $9.99/monthly In this you will get unlimited rewrite, casual formal tones & premium support.

Premium For Teams: This plan is only for teams, If you want it you can contact their support. In this plan, you will get all the features with unlimited access.

Overall Thoughts About Wordtune AI writing tool

As I am using it, sometimes I would recommend that if you are writing something that is common then only you should do it otherwise you can try tools like jasper &  Writecream.

7. Ink Editor

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INK Editor combines an AI co-writer with an SEO assistant to help you write without distraction.

The INK editor acts as an SEO Assistant by helping you create content that will make you rank higher on search engines and generate more organic traffic. It does this by analyzing your content in real-time and providing suggestions to improve your INK SEO Score.

Accordingly, content with a high score is more likely to rank on search engines. Indeed, a study found that content with an INK SEO Score of 97% or higher is four times more likely to rank on Google.

AI Co-Writing, meanwhile, is useful for creating a high-performing copy. The feature is powered by a sophisticated AI, and it helps users write, expand, rewrite, or simplify sentences. 

InK Editor AI Features

Here are the features of Ink Editor:

  • Meta optimization 
  • Spelling and grammar suggestions 
  • Minimalist interface 
  • Image optimization — compression and resizing 
  • Sentiment analysis 
  • WordPress integration 
  • Accessibility modes — dyslexia and color-blind 

Ink Editor Pricing & Plans

NK Pricing and Plans
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The InK Editor AI tool has currently 3 plans monthly & yearly both.

Pro SEO Plan: Pricing starts at $55/month.

  • Everything in Starter
  • SEO Writing Software
  • Unlimited SEO scoring
  • SEO Keywords
  •  Headline Optimizer
  • SEO Content Optimizer
  • 555 INK points / month
  • Dedicated Writing Software

Starter Plan: Pricing starts with $22/month

  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Unlimited sentence rewrites
  • Casual & formal rewrites
  • Shorten & expand rewrites
  • 50+ AI copywriting tools
  • 222 INK points / month

Overall Thoughts About InK Editor best AI writing software

See, I haven’t tried it but their reviews are high so you can try ink editor and if you feel it is great then you can upgrade with high plans

Faqs About Best AI Writing Software For Bloggers

Which is the best AI writing software?

here is the list of best AI writing software”
1. Jasper
2. Writecream
3. SHortly AI
4. WordHero
5. Grammarly
6. Wordtune
7. Ink Editor

But I recommend you to go with jasper AI free trial or writecream lifetime deal.

how to purchase a jasper AI tool at a cheap price?

There is no option to purchase the jasper AI tool at a cheap price. But you can try writecream AI tool which is similar to jasper AI and it comes with a lifetime deal at $59. So pay once and get it for a lifetime.

Conclusion on AI Writing Software

This is the list that I have provided here. If you are thinking to try any AI tool then I recommend you to go with the jasper AI tool because it is only the #1 AI tool. If you do not have a high budget to afford jasper, then I recommend you to try the Writecream lifetime deal.

If you feel this article is helpful for you then you can share this with your friends, also if you have any doubt then you are free to comment below. I will solve your query.

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