if you are looking for the best free plagiarism checker websites or the best free plagiarism checker with a reporting tool then you are at the right place.

In this post, we are going to talk about the Best Free Plagiarism Checker With a Report that you can use to check the plagiarism of your content.

I want to tell you one thing first that there is so many plagiarism checker tool on the web but in that excepted some, others are not well.

for this reason, I think to write on this topic to clear you which is the best plagiarism checker tool?

so, I have finalized some 5 Best Free Plagiarism Checker With Report tools for you.

are you excited to know more about the best free plagiarism checker?

I know you are excited so let’s come to the point.

what is a plagiarism checker?

The plagiarism checker tool detects that is there any line or word in your content that is used earlier by someone else. This is so important tool for bloggers before publishing the content they must have to check it.

5 Best Free Plagiarism Checker With Report

5 best free plagiarism checker tool
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so here I am sharing 7 free plagiarism checker tools which is finalized by me after researching.

1. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

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Grammarly is the best plagiarism checker tool to check the plagiarism of your content. not only does plagiarism checker also helps you to check grammar mistakes of your content.

I am using it for a long time, it’s easy to use.

I must say every blogger must install Grammarly chrome extension in their browser.

It helps you when you write any content or anything and if you do any grammar mistakes then Grammarly detects that and automatically it underlines the red color on any word, and also it suggests to you what the written word is.

it is so an amazing extension, It helps me every time when I write something wrong.

If You Are A Blogger Then You Must Have To Use Grammarly.

Grammarly Free is good, but Grammarly Premium is much better. You can use Nikola’s Grammarly discount to get 20% off the price.

2. Quetext

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Quetext is the most famous and Best Free Plagiarism Checker With Report tool on the web.

It comes with free and paid versions. Its free version is limited but enough for beginners.

Its Important features:-

  • DeepSearch™ technology With contextual analysis, word placement, and our smart algorithms, checking your writing has never been easier
  • Lightspeed recognition Our software pairs speed with the accuracy of DeepSearch™ technology
  • Privacy comes standard We back industry-leading technology with a three-part pledge, its commitment of quetext.

These are Important features of Quetext.

it is a best free plagiarism checker for more than 1000 words.

3. Plag Tracker

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these are also some of the amazing and best free plagiarism checker tools. with the plag tracker, you can check unlimited words for plagiarism check and they provide you a detailed and quality report which they sent via email.

plag tracker has limitations with the free version. The free version is enough for beginners.

Plag Tracker has some steps to use it.

step1:- You have to upload your content/ article in it.

Step2:- They scan your content for plagiarism.

step3:- Now, You receive your Plagiarism

I think now you get how to use a plag tracker to check plagiarism.

This is the best free plagiarism checker for more than 1000 words.

4. Duplichecker

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There is another best free plagiarism checker with report tool. You wanna know that first, you have to register on Duplichecker then you can check plagiarism of 50 pages per day.

It uses the most advanced algorithms to detect plagiarism of your content.

what duplicheker offer?

  • Deep Scanning
  • Privacy Guaranteed
  • Writing Enhancements
  •  Multiple Uploading Options
  • AI-Based Technology
  • Highlights Duplication
  • Lightning Fast Results
  • Multilingual Support
  •  Results in Percentage

I think now you got all about Duplichecker.

5. PrePostSEO Plagiarism Checker

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Prepost SEO plagiarism checker is amazing best free plagiarism checker for more than 1000 words.

the best part of it is that it is totally free and it gives you amazing and better plagiarism reports as compared to another plagiarism checker.

You can check 1000words without creating an account on the PrePost SEO plagiarism checker. After that you have to create an account then you can exceed it.

I think you got great & amazing knowledge about it.

And don’t worry these are safe tools specially made for boggers. You can use the best free plagiarism checker tool easily.


All of these plagiarism checker tools are amazing and easy to use. All plagiarism checker tool is safe to use.

these are the top 5 best free plagiarism checkers for more than 1000 words for bloggers and students.

If you are using any of them then let write in the comment box.

If any best plagiarism checker tool is missed by me then you can comment below I will update it.

these tools are so important for bloggers and it is the best free SEO tools for bloggers.

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