are you a beginner and don’t have money to spend on SEO tools don’t worry I found the best free SEO tools for bloggers it helps you to boost your blog and help in SEO ranking.

which free tools I am sharing with you here That all are genuine free tools and made for bloggers and help in your SEO growth and all are owned by Kitish Vyas owner of

if you are new to blogging and want to start a blog and are thinking of tools so this is for you. sharing 8 Free SEO Tools For Bloggers.

So Let’s start to share the best free SEO tools for bloggers. Also, I am sharing my words that how the tools are helpful for you.

Let’s Start

1.Website Seo Audit

These tools review your website in just one click this tool will take do a complete SEO audit of your site and give you the best analysis report with a detailed summary of the website on 50 factors of a website.

This tool shows you website faults or issues and the best part is it’s free to use and also you can download the full report as a PDF.

What You will get from website SEO audit tool ?

150+ SEO metrics on various factors.
2: In-Depth Reviews to expose every possible good and bad thing about the site.
3: Support Multiple Languages  (Fully Translatable).
4: 100% Real-time results (No cached data!).
5: Suggestion Box for each SEO metric and why that good or bad score is given
6: User-friendly URL format.

2.Adsense Calculator

Adsense calculator is a tool that will help you the estimated earning potential based on your site traffic and impressions, but for that, you must be familiar with how impressions you are getting?

This Tool Only For Who are using AdSense ads in their blog

How does adsense calculator works?

Adsense calculator will take the base of the average CPC and CTR and do the calculations of what happens if you have received these many impressions and these many clicks and the earning will be estimated but closely similar but to use this tool you must be aware of the average CPC.

3.Keyword Tools


Keyword Suggestion tools suggest you best keyword related to your word.


It is an amazing tool in the Bloggingos SEO tools library as this tool will extract unlimited keywords from the Google search with different word combinations long-tail keyword suggestion tool will give a complete list of long-tail keywords for your blog keyword research which you can use for the LSI keywords as SEO.

Don’t Worry it’s fully free to use and also these tools in best free SEO tools for bloggers


This Tool is used to check how many times keywords are used in the content. That will help you better optimize content and avoid any spamming in which you are targeting a specific keyword.


Keyword position checkers give you a Full idea, where your website is ranking for a specific keyword in the Google search engine. You can select a specific range and can place multiple keywords.
So the tool will search in the Google search engine and will give you a position. Where your website is ranking in Google.

4.BackLink Tools

1.Backlink Checker

A backlink checker is a tool that is mainly used to count the number of backlinks for your website.

Don’t Worry It Full Free To Use And Also This Tool comes in the Best free SEO tools for bloggers

2.Backlink Maker

Backlink maker is a tool that helps you to build backlinks from authoritative sources. It will not make spam instead creates genuine profiles or site backlinks from authentic sources.

3.Broken Links Finder

Broken links are the external website to which your website is linked but now no more exist.
So now if anyone visits your site instead of that linked page website shows a 404 not found error which is part of bad SEO practice.
To avoid such a link from your site using a Broken link checker you must be having an idea which links Status is 200,301 or 404.

For those which are having 404 status, you need to either remove that link or link with any other content. So it will make your job easier to fix the SEO issues.

Don’t Worry It Full Free To Use And Also This Tool comes In the Best Free SEO Tools For Bloggers

5.Technical SEO Tools

1.Robots .txt generator

Robots bile is crucial for your blog which directs the Google search engine which pages to crawl and which pages not.

You can select which search engine to allow and which do not.

Simply, create a Robots.txt file and add it into the root directory so that you can control how search engines view your website.

Don’t Worry It Full Free To Use And Also These Tool comes In Best free SEO Tools For Bloggers

2.XML Sitemap Generator

The sitemap generator is a tool to generate a sitemap for your website which contains all list of URLs for your website which one to crawl and which one to not.

Don’t Worry It Full Free To Use And Also This Tool comes In Best free SEO Tools For Bloggers

3.Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tag Generator is a tool to generate relevant metadata for your blog niche which helps you to rank higher in the Google search engine.

This tool will generate an HTML tag that you can paste inside your website so that search engines can easily understand what your site is all about.

6.Website Management Tools

1.wordpress theme detector

WordPress Theme Detector is a tool that will help you to identify which blog is using which theme and plugin to customize or make things easier for its blogging. The tool will also give you a link for Google search so you can visit the same.

Don’t Worry It Full Free To Use And Also This Tool comes In the Best free SEO Tools For Bloggers

2.Page Speed Checker

Page speed checker is a tool offered by Bloggingos which offers the complete analysis of website pages on how much time it took to load and also offers an average summary of website various element load.

3.Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Mobile-Friendly Test tool will help you get an idea of whether your site is mobile optimized and responsive enough for search engine ranking and this becomes very crucial in the recent Google Mobile-first indexing algorithm. So enter your domain get an idea if it is Mobile responsive then you are good.

7.Website Tracking Tools

1.Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa is a platform that is used to rank the website based on the traffic and category in worldwide web authority.
The stats are quite interesting which shows how your website is performing at the global level.

Don’t Worry It Full Free To Use And Also This Tool comes In the Best Free SEO Tools For Bloggers

2.Mozrank DA PA Checker

MOZ Rank checker tool by Bloggingos is a tool that will connect to MOZ DA-PA checker and get your website domain authority and page authority score.
Also, it will give you an idea of how Moz ranked your website.

Don’t Worry It’s Full Free To Use And Also This Tool comes In the Best free SEO Tools For Bloggers.

8.Domains Tool

1.Domain Spam Checker

Domain spam checker tool by Bloggingos will help you identify whether the specific domain is marked as SPAM in any of the database servers or not.
If marked as SPAM will create a negative impact on your site ranking or maybe your site will be deindexed from the Google search engine.

2.Domain Age Checker

Domain age checker by Bloggingos is a tool that will help you to identify when exactly the domain name was registered and how old it is.
Which you can use while making a purchase of any website or validating any expired domain.


So I think You have understood that these all tools are the best free SEO tools for bloggers and lifetime access. also, there are more SEO tools but I have listed Important tools only you can check out the site and also If you want more free tools so comment below and push the notification to check regular updates.

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