[Top 7] Best Webinar Software For Coachers in August 2022

Are you looking for the best webinar software in 2022? then this article is only for you!

I know you want the best one that’s why we have researched a lot of webinar software and found the best ones only for you.

Before starting the article, if you are someone who doesn’t know what is a webinar? then you can read the below faq otherwise you can skip to the main part.

What is a webinar?

The webinar is mainly known as a seminar conducted through an internet event hosted by the organization or the company via the Internet as the technology group all the important meetings and discussions go through webinars and there are a number of software companies who provide excellent services in the field.

what is the best webinar software? in July 2022

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Here are my personal top picks for webinar software:

  • Riverside
  • Livestorm
  • Demio
  • Zoho meeting
  • Webinar jam
  • Zoom
  • WebEx

1. Demio

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 It is a webinar software that is very simple and minimalistic it has good audience engagement features but there are no limitations in the software.

Features of Demio

When the user login into the software the user can view all his recently created webinars it has a live webinar feature that happens only at a  specific date and time or a series of recurring webinars or an automated webinar with the pre-existing or pre-recorded webinar video.

The user gets the option to host live webinar events as a one-time event or the user can host the same webinar multiple times as a recurring event, for the event the user can have it every week but cannot host the event more than once per week which is not flexible for the user all the requested and features are set by default but the user can customize it as per needs.

The Registration page in the software is very minimalistic but the user cannot do very much about it the user can only change the background color or image for the user’s registration page, the user can add a logo and change the button colors to make the registration page more attractive and he was the sub heading can be added in the registration page including the description and it also has access to add the product image inside the description.

The user gets four email notifications at specific times, where the user cannot add any new ones But the user has access to turn off some of the notifications that are available in software and the fifth email notification is the post-webinar follow-up email to the user’s registrants and this option is left by default, User has to turn it on for the registrant to receive a webinar reply email but the user is unable to send the separate email to the ones who attended and 14 did not attend it, the option is like one or the other or everyone.

The emails can be customized only at a custom snippet to the email body, the room design is like the user can add all the resources and presentation materials that the user wants to show or launch during the webinar Even the poll can be launched during the webinar and the user can Even hide the file handout and even feature action and call action are added, the user can add presentation material during the slideshow but the slideshow can only be in PDF format.

The PPT should be converted into pdf format before the slideshow and even if the user can add the video with all these presentation materials the user is not required to screen share where the user can launch slides and video directly from the platform where it gives the attendees highest possible quality.

Even the webinar chat can be kept private and even the user can redirect all the attendees to tour the product page after the webinar is finished even the user can invite a moderator which gives the user to concentrate on the webinar contents and presentation even the user can set private messages option where the attendees can personally message where the user can redirect all the attendees to the product page or home page after the webinar is finished.

The user can invite the moderator to get help in the webinar by chatting with attendees and launching the host.

Google and Facebook tracking pixels can be attached to any page of the webinar funnel so as the user is about to join the room as a host the user can choose webcam, and audio and run a connectivity test to make sure that the connection is stable.

And audio and visuals are stable and the setup of the software is very good it gives a detailed overview of the video and audio, why starting the webinar it gives a countdown where the host can prepare himself for the meeting software does not provide a whiteboard tool which may be a big setback of the software but the user can only point with the mouse if he wants to highlight anything on the screen.

The user can use previous videos to create a new automated video where the user can just upload pre-recorded videos.

Pricing & Plans Of Demio

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 It basically comes with 3 plans: starter plan,  growth plan, and premium plan.

  • The starter plan costs $34 per month – It comes with a room of 50 attendees, it is limited to one host, it comes with standard features, it has limited sessions for 3 hours, it comes up with the live and event series, and ID standard support.
  • The growth plan costs $69 per month – It comes with a room of 150 attendees, it is limited to five hosts per account, it consists of all the plans from the starter pack, and the session is limited to 8 hours, it provides custom room and email branding, custom form fields, it gives automated events and provides registration source tracking.
  • The premium plan is paid annually according to the usage – It comes with 500 or 1000 room attendees, no limit on hosts per account, it includes everything from the growth pack, the sessions are limited to ten hours, it provides priority support, custom domain, dedicated account manager, front offline for beta features and provides premium integrations.

2. Livestorm

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Livestorm is mainly for live webinars and the user can add multiple sessions which can make the software a live occurring webinar the user can create automated sessions with the help of the software with the help of an automation builder the user can add sequence the automation that is going to happen.

Features of Livestorm

The user can only add the video and at the end of the event, the user can redirect his attendees to a different page even the user cannot add any kind of interactions the user cannot add offers or polls the automated webinar feature does not offer more features.

The registration page has three parts it consists of a textbook editor which has more features when the user can add the product images and add videos but the user will be unable to resize, the user can add own webinar registration questions and only registration with work emails are allowed, the user can customize the colors and background colors and even the user can add own logos and even the user can get a preview of it by clicking on the registration page it is very easy and simple to handle.

Reminder email on the software has only two possible options the first option using the user will get a 5-minute reminder and a user cannot add or edit when the email will be sent but after the webinar, the user can customize a different email for the ones who attended the attended the webinar and the persons who did not attend the baby laugh and it is easy to preview how the reminder emails look like for the people who are attending and the user interface is very good.

In the room settings the user can enable the chat and enable the question and answer with polls,  the polls cannot be pre-configured as the user wants in the webinar, the user needs to go inside the webinar Room before the webinar starts To configure the polls that the user wants to launch.

In the live webinars the polls can be easily launched and attendees will not have any trouble voting even the question and answer works perfectly alright and the good part of the software is attendees can UP vote the question that they want to get answered at the end of the webinar the host can take up the most requested questions asked to answer them live by just clicking the option and if the host the select the answer he can just click the options stop answering it’s very easy to handle.

For the least asked question the user can answer the question by texting.

The slideshow cannot be injected Into the platform if the user wants to share the slides, the user has to share the screen and then share the PowerPoint presentation and run the presentation on the user’s device the problem during the screen sharing of the slides is The quality of the text on the PowerPoint slides will depend on the video quality if the slides are launched directly from the platform the quality of the slides will be here.

The video can be shared by sharing it through a media either from a  YouTube link or video and while using this software the user can mute all the notification sounds and a user can eventually hide the chat which helps the user to focus on the webinar completely, the baby webinar will lead up to the point where the user can make his personal sales, the case at present the users own offer with the help of actions send a call to the actions and all the attendees but the action feature is not that good for the user.

After the live webinar gets over the recording will start automatically where are all the chats, polls, and the persons who attended the webinar will be visible completely the good feature during the webinar replay is that people can ask new questions to the host this feature is really good for engaging the people who couldn’t attend the webinar live but one disadvantage with webinar replay recording is the launch of the action during the live webinar will not be launched During the replay.

The user can basically access the number of people who have attended the registration page and how many people actually register and this software gives registration conversion.

Rate and even the user can see the details of the attendees and how long they were active during the webinar and even the user can access the answer given to the registration forms.

Pricing & plans of Livestorm

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It basically comes with 3 plans free, premium, and Enterprise.

  • Free plan – It consists of all features, unlimited events, unlimited moderators, instant meetings with up to 4 people, it gives a time limit of up to 20 minutes per event and up to ten registrants per event and it includes a live attendees limit of up to 10 members
  • The premium plan costs 99 euros per month – All features are included with the plan, unlimited events, unlimited moderators, it gives up to 16 live speakers simultaneously, and it gives a time limit of up to four hours per event, and unlimited event registrants. It includes a live attendees limit of hundred members and it costs additional 99 euros for 250 people and additional 199 euros for thousand people. and if paid annually the plan will cost 89 euros
  • Enterprise plan – In this, the user will be charged but the usage of the enterprise-grade service includes all premium features with unlimited host, it gives up to 3000 live attendees, the premium onboarding with a product expert, multiple workspaces with unified billing, dedicated CSM, SLA priority support, executive Business Review, enterprise advanced and integration connectors, custom implementations and reports And SAML SSO.

3. Riverside

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Riverside. SM is a remote recording solution that captures native audio and native video on each person’s side, as many guests as the user has, and uploads them simultaneously to the cloud which means uses recording are not affected by the internet at all because they’re not going to be captured by the internet but the live call will be transmitted by the internet and the recordings are being done each person’s device locally.

Dashboard and features

In the dashboard, the user gets the many studios available in the software. Even the user can record his or her podcast which is very cool stuff in the software, even the user is allowed to create different studios even the Studios are reusable and even the user can create his own virtual studio.

And the good part of the software is the user is not required to generate a new link for every new show or webinar the links are reusable the software does not generate new links the user can use the same link for the webinar or the shows.

The software also includes automated reminders to send out emails reminder emails before the time with the same exact emails which is a pretty good feature in the software. The software also enquires about using headphones if the user is not using headphones it will automatically cancel the Echo mode.

Even the user gets an option called a producer where the producer is able to control the meeting or broadcast where the producer can access all the files and download them, it also comes with the camera preview where the user can choose the speakers and microphone.

The recordings are very good compared to live and even the customers and the user can see the pop up the line experiences very good in the software and equally the recordings don’t pause, the Recordings are pristine, This software includes a chat option and even the user or the host gets the waiting room and even the user will get an option to invite the guest and even the host can check the guest recording, resolution of the recording and their audio level and even they get an option for mute, echo cancellation and set a display name.

The user can switch the audio sample rate If a user is using a podcast he can switch to 441 and if the user is going to the video he can switch to 48 kHz it even contains a live stream option and even the user can live stream while recording, even he can live stream in real-time as recorded part will not be touched by the internet the video can be edited and produced into a slick streamline.

Pricing & Plans for Riverside

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It basically comes with three plans  free, standard, and Pro

  • Free Plan – The free plan includes unlimited editing and recording, 2 hours of recording for separate tracks, watermark on exported file, the video recording is provided up to 720p and 44. 1 kilo Hz of audio quality.
  • The standard plan cost $15 per month – The plan comes with unlimited editing and recording, separate tracks for five hours of recording permanent, no watermark on exported files, video quality up to 4K, 48 kHz audio quality provided, screen sharing is available, and live streaming is available to social media platforms and producer mode is accessed and it costs 180 dollars annually. 
  • The Pro plan costs $24 per month – The plan includes unlimited recording, 15 hours of separate track recording per month, no watermark on exported files, 4K video quality provided, the audio quality of 48 kilos Hz, screen sharing available, live streaming to social platforms, producer mode is accessible, it can accept live calls and unlimited transcriptions are available.
  • Enterprise (custom plan) – It also includes customize plan where the pro features are available with unlimited recording and editing, unlimited separate tracks, full control to manage audio levels, change input/ output devices of participants, work can be shared with teammates, the full-frame view is available, 29.97 and  24 fps, the custom branded waiting room at the studio are available, Live support and customer success manager are available and onboarding and training, these are included in the customized pack.

4. Zoho meetings

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The software is not only used for meetings but is also used for downloading the files, and records, and editing the file.

Features of Zoho meetings

On entering the page of the software the user gets two options one is a meeting and another one is a Webinar when the software has new training available the user can see a banner at the top, and the user can create an immediate meeting, schedule a meeting or schedule a webinar.

The difference between the meeting and a webinar is this is a meeting where the user can invite participants and then the user will be able to screen share and then the user is able to go through audio and video conferencing with the webinar Doing more than the presentation, presenting the screen where the user has both audio and video, People can register the events and then the user can also invite the people to be in the event.

In the option, my meetings the user is able to watch the upcoming meetings or current meetings as well as the past meetings with all those stuff the user can edit, embed the video or the clips of the meeting the user can also use the button to start the next meeting or an upcoming meeting, under the webinars the process is same.

The analytics around the webinar the user is able to give the title for the meeting and the particular date and time can be set for the meeting and even the duration of the meeting can be set accordingly And webinars can be set repeatedly daily or weekly, monthly and webinars, meetings can be added to the calendar and the link is generated where the user can share it with others and even the user is able to promote in Zoho campaigns where the user is able to generate the code And embed with own website.

It has the option to automatically approve people who have registered for the webinar and even the software will give the count of the registrations and the user can manage them, even the user can customize the emails and configure them and add reminders and give follow-ups then ask the confirmation of registration where the user is able to enable or disable them.

And even it makes sure the reply is given to the email address and even the user is able to display the attendee list to everyone in the meeting or the webinar and then the user is able to hold a question and answer session and even the user is able to create a poll, the poll can be set beforehand.

In the settings the user can change the time zone, languages, and reminders The user can add it to the Google calendars once the organization is set up After that the attendees are able to see some of the information in the meetings whenever they sign up and register it gives an account about how many meetings and webinars are being used, organization email address additional email addresses Which the user likes the system to use add those to the software and then the user gets the option for integrating, CRM button can be used to hold the meetings.

Price & plans of Zoho meetings

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Consists of three packs free pack, a meeting Pack, and a webinar pack

  • Free pack – It consists of hundred meeting participants, hundred webinar attendees, it provides unlimited meetings and webinars, up to 60 minutes for free meetings at 30 minutes for webinars, it allows screen sharing, sharing files during meetings, meeting chats, and notes, beating reactions, raise a hand and allowed to talk, multiple video layouts, customizable registrations, reporting and Analytics.
  • The meeting pack costs 150 rupees per month – It allows ten participants all the features in the free plan are included, meetings for up to 24 hours, Cloud recording storage for 10 meetings all hosts, audio phone and toll-free, embed meeting widget, virtual background, remote control, co-host, meeting lock, admin portal, branding, and integrations.
  • The webinar pack cost 950 rupees per month – It allows 25 attendees it includes everything which comes in the free pack, it gives webinars for up to 24 hours, cloud recording Storage for 25 webinars, live streaming, source tracking, email customization, co-organizer, virtual background for speakers, upload and share materials, embed webinar registration, question, and answers with polls, admin portal, and integration.

And it consists of addons recording 720 rupees per month, toll-free includes 1200 rupees per month.

5. Webinar jam

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Webinar Jam is a software that helps Live streaming Conduct webinars efficiently.

Features of Webinar Jam

Webinar configuration consists of two options Express configuration and full configuration and the interface of the software is very cool in Xpress configuration it consists of three parts and it basically sets everything for the user which goes all of the user details, It gives the user choice for hosting the webinar and it has a room 24 x7 open.

All of the basic details should be filled in before starting up the webinar any languages are available which is a very good feature. The user can select how many sessions he can run.

The user can use the design which is built-in software leather designs or the user can create the old registration page in the software, where it is present in Webinar Jam that will decide the instance on the page where the user can easily customize and connect for an external page.

It contains all the email marketing in the Webinar Jam so it has confirmation emails, and reminder emails before 15 minutes and after the webinar the user can send the replay which is built-in software so that the user can generate automatically and the link will be generated and the user can choose for the instance the software has the data of the person attending the webinar so that the user can send the emails and notifications accordingly.

In full configuration whether the user can create a countdown page for design and even the user can choose the room design and the user can even at the polls and quizzes and even the user can add offers and make the webinar commercial user can include handouts at the presentation can be added directly, it is built-in and the software is making the user easy to present, the user is able to create the exact replica of the webinar all the comments and the sessions will be seen exactly in the replica during the sessions.

Even the user can look at the Analytics how many people have registered and how many people are the registrants. It contains data on everything and how many people replayed.

Pricing & Plans Of Webinar Jam

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It majorly consists of 4 plans they are starter, basic, professional, and Enterprise

  • The starter pack cost $39 per month – It allows a hundred attendees, it includes unlimited webinars, one host, the maximum duration is 1 hour, live chat is available, it allows replica replay, flexible schedule, fully customizable pages, email, and SMS system, live offers displays, engages polls and service, attend handouts, the on-screen whiteboard is available, video injections, custom background and broadcast to social platforms
  • The basic pack cost 79 Dollars per month – It allows 500 attendees, it includes unlimited webinars, two hosts, the maximum duration is 2 hours, live chat is available, it allows replica replay, flexible schedule, fully customizable pages, email and SMS system, live offers displays, engages polls and service, attend handouts, the on-screen whiteboard is available, video injections, custom background and broadcast to social platforms and automatic webinars are available
  • The professional pack cost $229 per month – It includes 2000 attendees, it includes unlimited webinars, four hosts, a maximum duration is 3 hours, live chat is available, it allows replica replay, flexible schedule, fully customizable pages, email and SMS system, live offers displays, engages polls and service, attend handouts, the on-screen whiteboard is available, video injections, custom background and broadcast to social platforms and automatic webinars, live are always on and the panic button is available.
  • Enterprise pack costs $379 per month – It includes 5000 attendees, it includes unlimited webinars, six hosts, the maximum duration is 4 hours, live chat is available, it allows replica replay, flexible schedule, fully customizable pages, email and SMS system, live offers displays, engages polls and service, attend handouts, the on-screen whiteboard is available, video injections, custom background and broadcast to social platforms and automatic webinars, live are always on and the panic button is available and control panel is available.

6. Zoom

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Zoom is a video conferencing software system that can be used to make audio and video calls, schedule meetings, host webinars, and more.

Zoom is very popular among video calling software or applications as it provides free video calls and audio calls with good options which are free.

Features of Zoom

We can consider zoom as similar to Skype with business features but zoom is not completely focused on webinars it mainly focuses on the quality of audio and video it doesn’t have marketing features.

The dashboard of the software is good which gives a corporate look it has an easy user interface, The user can give the webinar title and description Of the meeting or webinar the user can set the date and time and registrations required can be added The user can use the platform as lead generation.

It gives the option for computer audio and other audio connections, and the user can make practice. It does not have advanced automation features, these features help the user to set the webinar.

No reminder emails are sent by default the user has to activate automated email reminders the user can add the logo and change basic colors so that the people can be sent after the meeting and even the user can add polls in the event and even the question and answer feature can be turned on or off which is a very good feature that can be expected in zoom.

Pricing & Plans of Zoom

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It consists of 4 plans they are basic, Pro, business, and Enterprise

  • A basic plan is actually a free plan – It comes with hosts up to 100 participants, unlimited meetings for up to 40 minutes, private and group chat are available, and zoom whiteboard which consists of three editable boards and it gives the cloud storage of 25MB with standard features.
  • The Pro plan costs 1300 rupees per month – It has all benefits of a free pack it can host 100 participants, and it can increase participants up to a thousand with a large meetings add-on, the group meetings can be down up to 30 hours, it provides social media streaming, it provides 1GB cloud storage and zoom whiteboard with 3 editable boards with standard features.
  • The business pack costs 1800 rupees per month – It has all benefits of pro available, it can host up to 300 participants, participants margin can be increased to 1000 with large meeting add-ons, it provides single sign-on, it allows to read transcripts, it allows to manage domains, it allows company branding, it allows up to 99 licenses and zoom whiteboards.
  • The Enterprise pack cost 1800 rupees per month – Users need to contact the sales for this pack. It can host up to 500 participants, it provides unlimited cloud storage, it allows recording transcripts and zoom whiteboard is available with editable boards and standard features included.

7. WebEx

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Webex is a conferencing software system that can help the user to manage a number of different web-conferencing functions under one platform. It was mainly made for business collaboration; it includes an automatic transcript and video recordings through cloud storage.

WebEx calls is a cloud calling platform that gives the user a single point of contact for clients and customers to call and allows the user to answer from any of the devices.

Features of WebEx

It includes a business messenger solution that will not require a call or meeting, it includes several add-ons to start with the basic meetings to increase accessibility for all users, and built-in noise reduction and gesture recognition allows for a good meeting experience with fewer interruptions in the meeting.

To emphasize the information the user can use screen sharing or whiteboard for further illustrative points if anyone misses the meeting where the user wants to review any discussion points the user can download the automatically generated transcripts from the meeting or the user can distribute the cloud recording of the meeting to his team.

The software includes cloud calls which have a host of features to make business phone calls more convenient and professional, the software provides a single phone number so that the user can answer from any of the devices to present a unified profile to the clients, and outgoing calls can come from any of the devices and the user can transfer the calls between the devices.

This software includes custom extensions and it provides up to 6-way conference calls if the user needs to step things from a call to a meeting the user can transfer from a WebEx call to a WebEx meeting, the WebEx team is the business messenger featured in all WebEx suite plans, filters, and advanced search functions allows the user to find content in previous meetings.

Pricing & plans of WebEx

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This software comes with 3 plans they are a starter, business, and Enterprise

  • The starter plan costs 10,990 rupees annually – It includes hosting up to 50 members, meeting length is up to 24 hours, the number of participants is up to 150 members and it allows cloud storage recording of 5GB.
  • The business plan costs 20,890 rupees annually – It hosts up to 100 members, meeting length is up to 24 hours, the number of participants is up to 200 members and it allows cloud storage recording of 10GB.
  • Enterprise plan cost depends upon the usage – The number of hosts is customizable, meeting length is up to 24 hours, it allows participants of 1000 members, and cloud storage recording is customizable.

Conclusion on Best Webinar software

The software which is mentioned above helps in conducting an effective webinar, audio and video calls including live meetings these are some of the best software recommended by the user.

These are suggested for the big businesses and to conduct conferences or webinars online all the software provide good features and unique from each other, before going to buy the software the user needs to analyze his uses and check which software and pricing will be best for his need, all the platforms are good which provides an excellent service for the users to set up their business online or to maintain the business online.

Overall for businesses riverside and live storm can be used, and for cheaper and better live audio and video calls zoom is suggested.

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