[Top 9] List Of Popular Calendly Alternatives

For scheduling meetings and calls, calendly is good but its pricing is too high so I have found out some popular calendly alternatives that are good for you.

If you’ve used Calendly to book meetings in the past, you’ve probably enjoyed their easy-to-use and free functionality.

However, Calendly might not provide all the features you’re looking for if you want to pay for appointments, round-robin team assignments, contacts management, or more complex calendar settings.

Businesses can schedule meetings and book appointments more effectively with the help of great online scheduling tools.

If you need to schedule a meeting or find time in your busy schedule, we are here to help you find one that meets the specific needs of your company.

What is calendly?

Calendly is software that makes scheduling meetings much easier. With Calendly, users can send a link that connects to everyone’s calendars and makes it easy to schedule a time that works for everyone.

Calendly is definitely popular, but there are tons of Alternative of calendly that can be helpful for those who need different features.

Calendly is not the best choice, for example, if you need advanced scheduling or appointment booking features.

There are no additional settings for booking pages, such as coupon codes, discounts, or extended booking periods for specific types of clients.

Calendly is a great, free option for users who are looking for a simple tool to schedule meetings. There are many alternatives to Calendly if you have other needs.

Let’s briefly discuss Calendly’s features and why you might want to consider Alternate of calendly before delving into all your options.

Calendly Features:

  • Features full plan
  • Free API, Functional
  • Solo, Team & Group Scheduling Functionality
  • Multiple Calendar Integrations
  • Automate Reminders and Follow-ups
  • Delight invites with modern Scheduling

Why Need of Calendly?

Here are the pros and cons of calendly.

  • You Can Integrate With Any Calendar Easily.
  • Includes Automations Like Reminder Emails For Attendees.
  • Easily reschedulable system.
  • Integrates With All Meeting Platforms Like Zoon And Meet.

  • Participants Must Be Users Within Your Account In Order To Collaborate On Events.
  • There Is No Option To Add Brand Or Company Assets.

There are a lot of conditions for which Calendly doesn’t meet the needs of basic users. For example, users need to be members of a specific plan to participate in collaborative events, which means pricing can quickly get expensive.

Calendly does not offer the option to brand or white label scheduling pages. Fortunately, there are plenty of Alternative of calendly that do.

Whether you have a large or small team, a scheduling tool is an essential part of your meeting management software.

So we have to find out some best calendly alternatives 2022 that are better than calendly.

What are the best calendly alternatives for 2022?

Calendly Alternatives
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1. HubSpot Meetings

HubSpot Meetings
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HubSpot is like calendly, HubSpot meetings use a meeting link that directly references your team calendar it makes it easy to find a time that works for everyone.

If you have created any landing pages then you can easily integrate your meeting link with your landing page. So prospects and get add to your sales funnel right away,

Why is it a great Calendly alternative?

HubSpot Meetings is built on top of HubSpot’s free CRM, meaning that all the information about your meetings will be kept in one place. When a prospect or customer schedules a meeting, their contact record will be created or updated, which keeps everything in one place.

Representatives within sales and support can add meeting information and call logs to the contact, as well as any historical information already available in the contact record.

The HubSpot scheduling links are available in marketing campaigns, for your customer-facing teams to save replies, or in playbooks for your customer success or sales teams to follow-up on all events of the buyer journey.

Additionally, HubSpot Meetings provides more robust booking features, including round-robin assignments and group meetings.

Who is it best for?

While individuals will benefit from HubSpot Meetings’ feature set, it’s better suited for teams working together because of its CRM and sales tools.

HubSpot Meetings is a powerful tool for teams already using or interested in using HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot Meetings Pricing

In addition to HubSpot Meetings, HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub premium editions offer additional functionality.

5 Best HubSpot Meetings Features

  • Integrated with Google Calendar and Outlook 365.
  • HubSpot’s free CRM and other essential tools are natively integrated.
  • Landing page design functionality that is easy to use.
  • Keep things clean and provide context cross-functionally in HubSpot CRM by automating contact tracking.
  • You can embed your calendar scheduling link anywhere.

2. TydiCal

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Tydical is the best alternative of calendly. TydiCal has all features like calendly you can make scheduling your next meetings easily with calendar integrations, booking pages, and customization.

If you ask me which is the best meeting scheduling tool then I will always recommend you TydiCal because you don’t have to pay monthly for it.

Why is it a great Calendly alternative?

TydiCal is like calendly, it is best because other tools provide the same facility with higher pricing on a monthly basis. But here is the TydiCal appsumo lifetime deal where you can pay once and you will get it for lifetime.

There are so many other appsumo deals that are live you can also check them.

Who is it best for?

TydiCal is best for digital marketers, online tutors and best for those who provide consultancy services. TydiCal is the best for you if you want to grow your consultancy business.

If you are a social media marketer or youtuber than TydiCal is best for you.

TydiCal Appsumo Pricing

TydiCal is only on appsumo where you can purchase TydiCal for $29 for lifetime.

5 Best TydiCal Features

  • Instantly create booking pages and schedule meetings without emailing back and forth
  • It is the best alternative of calendly and doodle.
  • Schedule free and paid meetings with clients, prospects, and more.

3. Simplybook.me

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Rather than individual users, Simplybook.me is an excellent alternative to Calendly for companies and groups.

It offers a scheduling link, just like Calendly and other Alternatives of calendly, that provides available times within a specific window, as depicted above.

Why is it a great Calendly alternative?

Simplybook.me offers clients the option of creating entire apps and portals for booking appointments, which is unlike some of the other Alternatives of calendly.

In addition to scheduling links, Simplybook.me offers custom-made landing pages and white-labeled apps designed specifically for your business. The real advantage of this Calendly alternative is the design functionality.

Who is it best for?

Simplybook.me is an excellent alternative to Calendly for businesses that offer appointment-based services such as massage studios, hair salons, or doctor’s offices. They are HIPAA and SOAP compliant, which makes them a great choice for medical offices.

Simplybook.me Pricing

Simplybook.me is free for 14 days, followed by a limited free plan. Users can purchase advanced functionality by upgrading to a different subscription plan.

Simplybook.me is available annually (at a 17% discount) or monthly. Monthly pricing starts at $9.90.

Best Simplybook.me Features

  • Integrations with Instagram, Facebook, Google Business, and WordPress that are heavily focused on marketing.
  • Simplybook. me’s API makes it easy to integrate with products that don’t already connect with it.
  • You can customize the checkout experience by adding coupon codes or custom required fields.
  • A POS system that makes booking and paying appointments in the office even easier.
  • Easily configure notification and email settings to get the right cadence for your customers.

4. Vocus.io

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As a marketing tool that can also be used as a 1:1 meeting scheduler, Vocus.io offers users a way to create personalized meeting links that include times, dates, and times when they are free.

Additionally, it offers useful features like meeting buffers and short-notice meeting cancellation rules.

Why is it a great Calendly alternative?

Vocus.io is like many of Calendly’s alternatives, with the ability to embed functionality and send a link via email or social media. But Vocus.io is so much more. It’s a complete marketing platform.

As a result, unlike some Alternatives of calendly, you can schedule emails, analyze analytics, and see how your customers engage with you.

Who is it best for?

If you need scheduling only, these features may be too complex for you. Vocus.io is ideal for companies with established marketing teams or Voice of the Customer functions who can take advantage of the great toolset that it offers.

Vocus.io Pricing

In addition to the free trial, Vocus.io offers Basic, Starter, and Professional versions of the product. Prices begin at $5 per user/month after that.

Best Vocus.io Features

  • Customer experience can be fully customized and white-labeled.
  • Integration with popular tools such as Salesforce, Zapier, and Zoom.
  • An extension for Chrome makes it simple to access functionality no matter where you are.
  • Custom fields and an easy-to-use page editor.
  • Marketing tools and analytics that are advanced.

5. Calendar.com

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A Calendly alternative, Calendar.com offers both scheduling link functionality and a virtual polling system like Doodle. It is one of the best Alternatives of calendly for companies looking for customization in their scheduling process.

Why is it a great Calendly alternative?

Calendar.com is an excellent alternative to Calendly since it is regarded as one of the most robust tools for meeting scheduling.

In addition to setting up the time and date of the meeting, Calendar.com can also suggest nearby restaurants for attendees to choose from. For individuals with numerous lunch meetings or personal commitments, functionality like this may seem overkill, but it can be useful.

Calendar.com Pricing?

Calendar.com offers a no-strings-attached 14-day free trial. After 14 days, users and small teams can select from the free Basic plan or the $US6/month Standard or $8/month Pro plans.

Best Calendar.com Features

  • Functionality for in-depth reporting.
  • You can see all of the upcoming meetings from all of your connected calendars at a glance.
  • Your calendar can be viewed wherever you are thanks to mobile functionality.
  • Schedule events in your tydiCal calendar application and have them synced to Calendar.com.
  • Meeting types are extremely customizable.

6. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling
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The most popular Calendly alternative is Acuity Scheduling. Various Alternatives of calendly are available to individuals and businesses, but Acuity is best suited to companies with more robust scheduling needs, such as doctors’ offices, salons, or technical workers, such as plumbers.

Acuity is better than other tools like doodle and Setmore.

Why is it a great Calendly alternative?

Accuity is a superb Calendly alternative for businesses who require something that’s a bit more robust. It offers a ton of functionality, well-tested and supported features, and covers nearly all of Calendly’s features.

The majority of Calendly alternatives offer the option to set up reminders for customers, but Acuity Scheduling allows employees to receive reminders for setting up meetings, calls, or facilities for use.

Who is it best for?

Acuity is most suitable for companies offering services and allowing their users to buy products and schedule their services simultaneously. It is not suitable for individuals looking to schedule 1:1.


The most affordable program starts at $15/month, and the most expensive is $50/month. The company offers a seven-day trial.

It is the best affordable pricing tool.

Best Acuity Scheduling Features

  • No free versions and Affordable pricing plans
  • Analyze key business metrics with deep, integrated analytics.
  • Integrates with essential software like Zoom, Mailchimp, and various calendars.
  • Easy-to-add functionality such as coupon codes, intake forms for medical and dental offices, and fully customizable additional fields.
  • Employees are reminded of upcoming meetings and how to prepare.

7. Appoint.ly

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Calendly alternative Appoint.ly offers functionality that meets the needs of a range of business segments. You can customize the meetings you schedule, for example.

The meeting holder may have the option of organizing workshops, classes, tours, or 1:1 meetings.

Why is it a great Calendly alternative?

Workshops, classes, tours, or 1:1 meetings can be organized by the meeting holder. Appoint.ly allows you to schedule events even if your business is purely driven by Facebook or Instagram.

Companies can easily set active hours, sync any calendar, and allow customers to book appointments according to their needs using Appoint.ly’s functionality.

Who is it best for?

Both individuals and businesses can benefit from Appoint.ly. It’s especially useful for practices without dedicated websites, as it allows for the creation of subdomains.


No free plan is available with Appoint.ly. They offer the lowest plan (Pro) for $10 per user per month for businesses looking for more advanced features. It is also available at a 20% discount when purchased annually.

Best Appoint.ly Features

  • Bookings through Facebook and the website.
  • Deals and coupon codes can be added easily.
  • The guest login feature means temporary partners and presenters are not required to have a paid account.
  • PayPal is used to process payments.
  • Verifying the client to prevent bots.

8. Setmore

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Setmore’s mobile app is one of its strongest features. It’s modern, which is in stark contrast to the apps of other appointment schedulers. Setmore’s UI is free of distractions. It’s easy to navigate, locate features, and train yourself.

Who is it Best For?

This is best for individuals and webinar conductors, Doctors. If you are looking for the best alternative of calendly then SetMore is Best for you.


The company’s pricing is affordable, and they offer a lower per-staff price for larger teams. Besides Square payments, Setmore’s free plan has integrations with Slack, Instagram, Facebook, and most website builders.

Best Setmore Features

  • It can integrate with Slack, Instagram, FaceBook, and most website builders.
  • It is best for Business Consultations, sales teams, and service businesses.

9. 10to8 Scheduling

10to8 Scheduling
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Appointment scheduling app 10to8 is an all-around, handy, and nifty solution for service-based businesses. It has a wide range of features and a simple UI, and is especially useful for businesses that require customers to be present for the service.

Why is it a great Calendly alternative?

Acuity has the advantage of having integrated CRMs, applicant tracking systems, accounting packages, and online meeting tools. 10to8 does not have enough features for sales teams and recruitment teams like Acuity does.

That is why 10to8 is an Acuity alternative, not a real Calendly alternative.

Who is it Best For?

Companies with service offerings and users who wish to schedule services simultaneously will benefit most from 10to8 Scheduling. Individuals seeking 1:1 appointments are unsuitable for it.


There are 5 types of pricing plans, One is free and the other paid plans start from $9.6/month.

Best Setmore Features

  • Online booking, appointment rescheduling, and cancellation are available to clients.
  • Specify your working hours and which locations you work from, whether physical or virtual
  • With intelligent SMS, Email, and Voice reminders, appointment no-shows can be reduced by up to 90%

10. Doodle.

Doodle Scheduling
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Although Doodle has almost entirely different functionality from many of the popular meeting schedulers, it is a good alternative to Calendly.

Rather than using a calendar link with direct integration to your calendars, Doodle creates a poll for the meeting, suggests a few times and dates, and lets the meeting participants pick the times and dates that work best for them.

A direct link takes slightly longer, but it has additional functionality that makes it a great Calendly alternative for teams that need to gather multiple people’s availability.

Why is it a great Calendly alternative?

As with Calendly, Doodle allows you to schedule as many meetings across as many timezones as you need for free.

In contrast to Calendly, Doodle uses crowdsourcing to find the best meeting time for multiple participants, rather than allowing one participant to pick the time.

Who is it best for?

It is a great Calendly alternative if you need to schedule meetings with multiple people in different time zones. You can also use it to accommodate people you don’t know who uses what email or calendar provider.

Additionally, it has an easy-to-use design, which makes it ideal for users who are less technologically inclined. If your company works with less tech-savvy demographics, it could be an excellent choice.

Doodle Pricing

Following the 14-day free trial, users can use Doodle for free or upgrade to Premium for $10/month or Pro for $150/month. After that, users can pay monthly or annually.

Best Doodle Features

  • Confirmation and email reminders are easy to use.
  • Multiple users can schedule polls for free.
  • Simple visual interface.
  • Meeting participants do not need to create an account.
  • Calendar synchronization with integrated calendar providers as needed.

What’s your favorite Calendly alternative?

Calendly isn’t the only meeting scheduler out there, either. There are alternatives that are custom-built for everyone’s needs. Find an alternative to Calendly that fits your business size and narrow it down by features and functionality.

Consider your needs, such as polling or the use of coupon codes in your shopping cart. Once you clarify your needs, you will be able to identify which Calendly alternative is best for you.

Check out my other helpful software reviews about sales management software and CRM software if you’re looking for other ways to enhance your sales operations.

FaQs Related to Calendly Alternatives

What is better than Calendly?

I always recommend you tydical because it is better than calendly and it comes with lifetime deals with affordable pricing.

What is better Calendly or acuity?

Calendly is better then acuity because calendly provides more extra features.

Which is the best calendly alternative?

Tydical is the best alternative of calendly, I personally used both and I love to use tydical.

Conclusion On Calendly Alternative

I think you have got an accurate alternate of calendly, if yes then please let me know in the comment box.

We all know calendly and tydical have the same features approximately so I always recommend you to Go With Tydical because they are providing you lifetime deal at only $29.

Thank You For Reading This Article.

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