In these article we are talking about free keyword researcher tool for blogging and free keyword researcher tool for YouTube And also so many bloggers using it because its good for beginners and it is a free Keyword researcher tool.

So here I am describing here that how to use these tool and how to download these free keyword researcher tool so read carefully.

Why You have to Use these Free keyword researcher tool

So friends you have to use these Free keyword researcher tool because it provides you best quality keywords and you can use these keywords for rank your article or SEO of your article or YT videos so use it and read full…

how to download free keyword researcher tool

Step 1 :- Search on google keyword everywhere extension then  click on first link.

Step 2 :- Click on Add To Chrome

Step 3 :- One popup window open so you have to click on Add extension 

Step 4 :- Now click on Extensions an pin Now you can use it


how to use free keyword researcher tool keyword everywhere


Now If you search anything in google there you will get keywords and now you can use those keywords and now what you have to do you have to see ranking in google keyword planner. Because That is also free keyword researcher tool. as you can see in the right side all log tail and short keywords shown.


How to  free keyword researcher tool for YouTube

when you go on YouTube as you can see on my video right side you can see that which keyword I am using.


You can use it but If you have some money for investment so you can purchase keyword everywhere pack and You like these article so please comment down below.


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