Are you really got tired? And really want to start a blog for free? then here is a detailed guide with a screenshot on How to create a free blog on blogger Read it.

In this article we are talking about how to make a free website so, read carefully because I am describing here full basic settings and How to create free blog on blogger you will get so much information here by the screenshots so read carefully.

How to make a free blog in 2022

So, Today we are using Blogger for making a free website Because it is a free website builder and blogger you can do it for free. and also blogger provides you free hosting server and domain you can use it for free and if you want to learn what is hosting domain you can click here

Note:-Read carefully because in this article I am teaching you here some basic settings of bloggers.

Step1:- you have to Go on google and search Blogger. And click on the first link www. blogger .com.

  • Save

Step 2:- Click on create your blog and sign in to your account.

  • Save

Step 3:- After signing in you have to give the title of your website. I am just writing your title because here I am teaching you You have to type your website title. 

  • Save


Now, Click On Next Button.

Step 4:- Now you have to fill in your website address Example here  I am writing your site78 .blog spot .com so you have to check which is the available domain. ( If you are thinking why there is. blog spot because you are using free method if you don’t need so can purchase a domain and connect it in blogger)


  • Save

:- Now you have to click on the Save button.

You got interference like you can see in this screenshot Now get so many options so now you can post in it but wait now not end here dome basic settings you have to do.

Step 5:- Now Click on settings.

  • Save

Now after setup these you have to scroll down and Go to the Crawlers and index Because Here robot .tx is very important because here google robot crawls your website so have to indicate that. here Below I have written the best ever Robot.txt.

Step 7:- You have to Write the robot .txt given below the screenshot.

  • Save


User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /


Copy the below robot.txt words you have to type your website URL in sitemap before /sitemap so the blogger can make your website sitemap automatically.

Step 8:- Now you have to click on google search console and verify your website in it because in that you get your site positions and ranking so, therefore, read carefully that how to verify blogger website in google search console you will get these i9n formations below by screenshots and that lines.

  • Save

You will get a new page of the google search console webmaster tool. like it.

Step 9:- Now in these Paste your website URL and click on continue.

  • Save

Step 10:- Click on Go to property.

  • Save

Step 11:- Click on Settings.

  • Save

Step 12:- Click on ownership verification.

  • Save

After these click on the Home tag

Then Click on Copy Button.

  • Save

Then After copying the home tag go to the blogger homepage and go to the theme section and click on the arrow near customize.

  • Save

Now after These Click On Edit HTML.

  • Save

Now after clicking on Edit HTML You will Get get coding section.

  • Save

Enter Below <head> and paste the google search console verification Html code.

  • Save

Then click on save.

  • Save

Then Now Go to that google search console verification page then click on verify.

  • Save


Now your site created now you have to edit your website Like your Choice if you need that so you can go on my you tube channel Indrajeet singh ranawat. How to create free blog on blogger

So Todays article completed If you need more Informational like it so follow me.

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