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are you running your affiliate blog? and promoting amazon products? then I have an amazing table that can increase amazon affiliate earnings!

If you literally want to know about that and want to increase your affiliate income then read this article till the end.

If you are promoting Amazon products So I think you compare products in your blog post? right? If yes then this AAWP comparison table will help you to create an amazing comparison table.

Let’s explore more about it!

What Is AAWP Comparison Table?

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Image by AAWP

I know that you want to know what is AAWP? And what’s the full form of AAWP?.

The full form of AAWP is Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, It integrates directly with amazon products and It also helps to collect your all county sales in any particular country account.

AAWP is just like an affiliate commission booter plugin, If you use this plugin then your commission and sales from amazon will definitely increase.

So for increasing your sales and commission AAWP plugin recently launched a new table which is the AAWP comparison table. It will help you to compare multiple products easily into a good-looking block.

This AAWP Plugin can pull easily the data of amazon products through an API but you don’t have to worry about it.

So Don’t overthink and click on the below button and try the AAWP plugin with the latest comparison table now.

Now let’s talk about step by step guide on how to create AAWP comparison tables.

 How to create AAWP comparison tables

Increase Amazon affiliate earnings using aawp plugin
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If you really want to know how to create a comparison table with an AAWP plugin like the last image which is added in to step – 3, then read this complete step-by-step guide.

If you want to create a comparison table like this and want to increase your amazon affiliate earnings then you must have 2 products to compare.

Note: Before Creating this amazon comparison table you must have to install this AAWP Plugin on your WordPress so click on this link and Install Now.

Step 1: Go To The Table Builder ( For Creating This Comparison table)

Note: You must have installed this AAWP Plugin to get this table builder option.

Now, On the left side of your WordPress dashboard navigation bar, find ‘Tables’ Options in the AAWP plugin and click on that.

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Step 2: Add New Table

Now you are on the table page, Now you have to add new table, click on the “Add new table button” which is at the top of the page.

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after that a dialog box will appear on the screen.

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Now you have to follow this below things.

1. Assign A Title

First thing of adding a comparison table into article is you have to give the title for this table, You can give title according to your products.

There is no need to be worry this title will not be appear in the article, It is just for remembering the table with it’s name.

So, You can give any of the title according to you.

2. Add Rows

Now, We have to add rows to display product features. Each feature will have onw row so you can decide the count of rows according to features that you want to add in this AAWP comparison table to increase amazon affiliate earning.

Simply click on the “Add New Row” button to add/ create new row.

rows in AAWP
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You can add this rows easily in this AAWP plugin, Take a look of the following rows in the below image.

AAWP Image of rows
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We have used so many attributes, Not be neccessary for you all.

You can add this attributes according to your product or nessacity.

3. Add Products

This following rows you must have a exact count in products also, so It will look great.

  • Adding products via ASIN: You can add any of the amazon products directly through ASIN. Just Enter the ASIN in the titled box which is “Add A Product By ASSIN” and your product will be added automatically.
  • Adding Products via Product Search: There is an another option for adding amazon products into AAWP comparison table which is adding products via product search. Using the “Search for product(s)” option, You can choose and search any of the amazon product.

Done, Your amazon products also added directly into this amazing AAWP Comparison table.

Step 3: Embed Table in Blog

Once you have created the comparison table with the following this step by step guide.

Now, you can embed it on your blog post anywhere in WordPress using ShortCodes, ShortCodes will be displayed on the top right side of the table and on the comparison table pages.

aawp shortcode
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Your comparison table which is created through aawp plugin will be display in your any blog post

The comparison table which is made for amazon affiliate promoter, looks like.

AAWP Plugin
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Benefits Of the AAWP Comparison Table

here are the 3 benefits of using AAWP comparison table into your blog post.

1. Saves Time

This is very best plugin for amazon affiliates, It saves lot’s of time for creating and amazing + good looking comparison table.

In other plugins you have to add manually each and everything in the comparison table but in AAWP Plugin you can add any of the product with it details automatically.

2. You Can Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Earning

This AAWP Plugin is most affective plugin to increase your affiliate earnings from amazon. You can use AAWP Comparison table to boost your more sales or conversions.

3. Meets Amazon’s Standards

AAWP Plugin helps you to add any of the amzon product with their images in just 1 click through API Keys.

Faqs Related to AAWP Plugin

AAWP Offers any refund policy?

Yes, After purchase of AAWP if you feel that it is not good for you or you feel unhappy then you can ask for refund within 30 days of purchase.

Can I Cancel AAWP Subscription?

Yes, You can cancel your subscription at any time. You retain access to support and updates until your license key expires, one year from the purchase date.

what is the use of AAWP Comparison Table into blog post?

The Use of AAWP Comparison table is:
1. It Saves Your Lot’s Of Time as compare to other plugins because in AAWP you can directly add anyting about amzon products through API.
2. If you add the comparison table in your article then your reader will get right guide about the product.

Conclusion On AAWP Comparison Table

So this was about the AAWP Comparison Table, you can use it if you want to boost your affiliates sales or conversions.

As we have given an step by step guidence about the comparison table, how to add it into article. So, I think you don’t have to look for another blog post to know about this.

The conclusion is simple that if you use this AAWP comparison table it can increase your amazon affiliate earnings in a short time.

So, If you love this article then you can share it to your similar bloggers.

So, If you really thinking to try this amazing AAWP plugin then click on the below button and go with it.

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