Are you really got tired to search daily! how to start blogging in 2021 & want to
learn and need proper guidance. So These Post For You.

So these is special & best post for you To learn how to start blogging in 2021.

When I have started my blogging journey I have wested my so much money
for learning because I didn’t got the best guide.

So I doesn’t want to west your money and time.

So if you are thinking to start a blog in 2021 and if you are ready to giving more and more efforts to blogging and really want to earn money from blogging so this article is for you. This Article For whom wants to learn how to start blogging in 2021 or start a blog in 2021.

So first see these screenshots that how much the bloggers earns from blogging.

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These is the powers of blogging that the bloggers earns.

Is it worth starting a blog in 2021?

yes, starting a blog in 2021 is worth it. Because in 2021 is like growing baby blogging into a kid. So many people started and earning lots of money from blogging. I must say to you this is the right time to start a blog.

Be ready to earn like the top bloggers because after reading these you will get so much knowledge about blogging.

I think that your all query related to how to start blogging in 2021 will be solved after reading these cointent.

Here are some 9 easy steps to How to start Blogging In 2021 or start a blog in 2021.

Step 1: Choose Profitable Niche Or Topic For Your Blog

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For start a blog in 2021 you have to choose a best profitable niche because you have to go long with blogging so these is the first step.

What is profitable niche And why you need it ?

A profitable niche means that If you select a niche for blogging and also you are ready for giving efforts to it. So you have to see on google that how much other people earning in your niche.

You need it because without searching these you can’t work long.

I saw so many bloggers that without interest they started blogging and got failure don’t be in these list.

If till now you didn’t got your niche so,

For selecting best niche you have to take your interest.

Interest means Example I have interest to give peoples consultation about digital marketing and blogging and all so I have made these blog.

And also you have to check that your interest is profitable or not.

An now you have to think that Can I write about it or not ? If yes then select it.

If till now you didn’t get how to choose a profitable niche for blogging. I think That These below steps might help you.

5 steps to select profitable niche

Step 1 : Select your one or two best interest.

Step 2 : Search on google how much other peoples Earn from these niche.

Step 3 : Now see the competitors article.

Step 4 : Think that can I write Articles Like these.

Step 5 : If yes so select these niche.

These All The Above Points used by all bloggers before started blogging journey.

Ex :- You may be interest to do reading books or playing games so have to choose your Interest I think You Understand my points.

I Think You niche selected. Don’t Be lazy Learn how to start blogging in 2021 from these post.

Now Lets Learn Next steps of How to start Blogging In 2021

Step 2: Choose Domain Name For Your Blog

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Why Domain Name Required in 2021 for blog ?

Ans :- Ex – You want to open shop in the market and you have selected or take the name for your shop. and your shop name represents your shop. Domain name is important for start blog in 2021.

Similar here in blogging you have to choose your domain name of your blog. Wait ! Before selecting the domain name you must have to read these below points because a bad domain name can’t work.

So, Don’t take risk.

You have to research properly for your domain name because these will make you brand.

So first let me tell you some tips to find out best and good domain name for your blog. These Post how to start blogging in 2021 shares you knowledge with tips.

Let Talk with the example :-
  • HTTPS :// (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  • WWW (Subdomain )
  • UniqeBlog (Domain Name )
  • .com (Extension )

Not Done,

Here Are Some More points You have to follow before choosing a domain name.

3 steps to find out best domain name for blogging
  1. Use Keyword:- Use Keyword in your domain name because it shows good effects in SEO
  2. Use Good Extension:- If You will writing an article in English and want to rank your blog article in more and more countries so use .com extension.
  3. Don’t Use Numbers in your domain name because it not like a professional.

If you got the steps now you can purchase a good domain name for your blog.

Now Lets Learn Next steps of How to start Blogging In 2021

Step 3 :- Choose the best web hosting for your blog

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Now After Choosing A domain name you have to buy a best web hosting.

Don’t Purchase bad web hosting it rank down your blog and also your site will be lag.

First learn what is web hosting and what it works ?

Ans :- Web Hosting means saves your all the blogs data in the given storage.

So I have Tested the web hosting and after judging I have selected a best 3 web hosting for your blog and also these provide you best facility.

  1. Hostinger
  2. EricHost (50% off coupen code :- “indrajeet” )
  3. Erichost review

Wait Choosing best web hosting which I am using and also I recommend to all the peoples that hostinger is the best web hosting.

So Here I am Giving you the full review about hostinger in 2021 and Take Action Today and don’t be in that least how to start blogging in 2021.

Why hostinger is the best web hosting full review?

So The Birth of hostinger brand in 2011 providing best web hosting services.

Hostinger takes little bit money with 30-day money back guarantee after your purchasing date.

Hostinger is best to best in following things :-

  • Affordable Prices For A High Quality
  • Multilingual 24/7 Customers Support (20+ Languages )
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Cloud Hosting Plans powered By Google Cloud
  • Extremely Fast Servers
  • PHP 7.4 live On All Servers
  • Optimized For WordPress/Onboarding Flow
  • 1-Click Installer
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Extra Security With 2-Factor Authentication

Hostinger Hosting Step By Step Guide For Purchase

Get Special Discount By These Magical Link.

Get Exclusive Discount + Domain.

Click On The Banner Will Redirect You To Hostinger.

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Grab These 70% Off Deals.

Best Web Hosting At Affordable Price

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Best Hostinger Plan For Your Blog

There are 4 hosting plans to select. You Can Select The “Most Popular” Plan For Your Blog. These is my recommendation to you.

In These Plan Also You Will Get One Free Domain For Your Blog.

After Choosing The Hosting

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Steps 1 : Choose Months

Step 2 : Get Free domain

step 3 : Click On Checkout Now !

Now Create Your Account

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Now After These You Have to Pay ! To hostinger For Hosting.

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Congratulation !!!

But Wait Not End !

Now You Have To Install WordPress Via Hosting !

Let’s Move To Next Step Of how to start blogging in 2021 or start blog in 2021.

Step 4 :- Full Setup Process of WordPress Blog

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First we have to install WordPress.

You Have To Go in hosting h panel Now You in the website section click on auto installer.

Then Select WordPress as seen on below Image.

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After These Right side you have to select your domain then tick HTTPS because These Can activate your SSL certificate automatic.

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As You Can See In red line you have to select https Then in Green Line you have to write your WordPress Password. Then Now In Black Bracket Type Your Username.

Now Click On Install Button.

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Your WordPress Installed.

How to Go to WordPress Backend

Want to design your site with WordPress and want to write an article so we have to login WordPress backend.

For Login with WordPress Backend you have to search your site address with /wp-admin.

Example :- Your website is so you have to search on google.

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After Searching now we have to login.

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Now Enter Your Email address or username and fill your Password and login with your account.

Your WordPress Backend Look like these below Image.

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Left Side You got all the indicators.

Don’t worry I am helping you all steps.

Lets Learn Next step for start blog in 2021 or how to start blogging in 2021

Step 5 :- Choosing Best Schema Optimize Theme

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Now, We have to choose a good theme. How to

So now we have to select the best schema optimized theme. For These You can go WordPress>>Appearance>>themes In these you will get the free themes.

Don’t Use Free themes because free themes are easy to hack. And Also Free themes can’t Gives Professional look.

Because In that case you loose your all data that’s why choosing a good theme for blog is so much important.

A Professional theme can build your trust with the viewers.

Note:- You Can Read the Generatepress theme review to know more about generatepress theme.

Note :- Don’t Use nulled or crack theme in your blog because these can loose your website data.

If You need audience retention and want to build trust with visitors so must use an good theme.

Which theme is best for new bloggers?

I am Personally using generate press premium theme for my all blogs Because this theme gives you lot’s of amazing features.

Even I am using Generate Press Premium Theme For my these blog.

Generate Press Premium these is under 10 KB It means your site loading speed is so much fast.

Site Loading speed is so much important.

Still Confuse ?

For Taking Generate press premium theme.

Don’t Worry I can Help You.

Let See Amazing features Of Generate press premium theme.

  • Ultra Lightweight theme under 10Kb.
  • Easy To Use And Customizable.
  • User-Friendly Layout and Typography
  • Hundreds of customising options.
  • SEO-Friendly & Mobile-Friendly.

I think your Doubts are clear that which theme is best for new bloggers?

How to purchase Generate press premium theme.

Step 1:- Click these special link to purchase generate press premium theme.

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Step 2:- Click on premium button. Then Click on Get It Now Button.

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Step 3 :- Select Plan Because it is must important.

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Step 4 :- Let’s Purchase The Product.

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Step 5 :- Copy Your License Key.

Step 6 :- Upload Generate Press premium theme.

Step 7 :- Now Customize Your Generate Press Premium Theme .

Now I Think After Watching These Both Videos Your All Doubts Clear.

Lets Move To Next Step of How to start blogging in 2021.

Step 6:- Verification Of Website From Google Search Console

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Google Search Console Verification is so much important For Your Blog. These Google search Console Verification is related to how to start blogging in 2021

Why Google Search Console is important?

Because It helps you index your website or article in google. And Also It monitors Your server errors and site load issues.

So First We Have to Verify Our website in Google search console.

How to Verify website in google search console.

Step 1:- Go to google search console site. Click On the start Now Button.

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Step 2:- type Your Domain Only example –

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Step 3:- Click On Go to property.

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Not Verified yet !!!

Step 4:- Go To settings>>Click On Ownership Verification.

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Step 5:- Click On HTML tag section and copy it.

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Step 6:- Go to WordPress Dashboard>>Appearance section>>Theme Editor>>Header .PHP

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Step 7:- Past The Copied Code Below <head>.

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Step 8:- Now Click On The Verify Button in Google search console.

Finally Your Site Verified in Google Search console.

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So these Important setting successfully done.

Lets Move To Next Step Of how to start blogging in 2021

Step 7 :- Installing usefull Plugins For Blog

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Here So many plugins but we have to install some usable plugin.

First We Have to know that how to install or upload plugins in WordPress?

For Install or upload plugin Go To WordPress Plugin>Add New>Upload Or Install Plugin.

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I Think You have understand steps.

Now Here Below I am Sharing Some useful Plugins For Your Blog

So Here Is the list which plugins I am Using And I Recommend That These Plugins You Must Have To install.

7 Best Usable Plugins For Bloggers.

  1. Easy Table Of Content Plugin :- These Plugin is usable for table of content in your post or article.
  2. wp-rocket:- These Plugin is usable for deleting junk cache of your blog. If you use it your site speed also fast.
  3. Elementor:- These Plugin is usable for your site design. By Using These Plugin You Can Design Your Blog Like an Professional Blog.
  4. Rank Math SEO Plugin :- Rankmath is Search engine optimization plugin. These Plugin Use To Grow You Article.
  5. Updraft – Backup/Restore :- Backup For Your Blog Is So much Important You Can Use These Plugin For Backuping Your SIte.
  6. Social Snap :- Social Snap Is Social Sharing Plugin You can Use It.
  7. Awber For WordPress :- These Plugi is used for email marketing.

These all plugins You Must Have To install.

If You Have Any Doubt You Can Contact me.

So Lets Move To next Step Of how to start blogging in 2021 or start a blog in 2021 .

Step 8 :- Write Your First Blog Post

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Lets After start a blog in 2021 You Have To Write Your First Blog Post.

Now It Is a Time To Write your first blog post

For writing Your First Blog Post Go In WordPress Posts>Add New As You Can See Below Image.

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Now You Can Write Your Blog Posts.

Lets Move To Tips.

Write Good Quality Article With Proper Keyword Research. For Keyword Research in 2021, You Can Use These Free Keyword Research Tool .

Use Long Tail Keyword and low competition keyword In Your Blog Post Like:- how to start blogging in 2021 or start a blog in 2021.

And Also Write Thin Content.

Lets Move To The Next Step of how to start blogging in 2021 or start a blog in 2021 .

Step 9:- Pro Methods To Make Money From Blogging

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These Pro Methods that I am sharing You Below I am Personally Using These Methods.

Earning is so much in blogging that’s why people search how to start blogging in 2021.

These Pro methods to make money from blogging helps you to generate your money from your blog.

4 methods to earn from blog in 2021

1. Ad Network:- In These The Ad Platform Shows Ad In Your Blog and For these they will pay you. So these method is using by the most of the bloggers you can also use it.

There Are Many Ad Network Example :- Google Adsense , Ezoic and many more. I am personally using these two ad network for my other blogs.

2. Affiliate Marketing:- In These Just You Have To Promote Other Product And If Your Blog viewers buying Products from your link so the products owner will pay you.

Just You have to join affiliate program according to your niche after joining you will get the special link. Then You can Promote Any product Via Blog.

3. Sponsorship:- In These The Other Brands gives you sponsorships that Write article on our product. And They Will Pay You So Much For That.

4. Guest Posting:- In these method when your site will get good traffic and your site ranking on good position then other bloggers will pay you and they will one post on your blog and through that post you have to give backlink to them from that particular post and for these other bloggers will pay you $100 – $500.


So Here You have learned these easy steps or how to start blogging in 2021 and I think You Have Understand All The steps If any query You Can Write in comment box.

If You Got information about how to start blogging in 2021 so you can follow me on my social media.

And I also Think That Now You Will Start a blog in 2021 easily.

If You Have Any Other query related to how to start blogging in 2021 so contact me.

Faqs Related to How to start blogging in 2021

I Think People having many question related to how to start blogging in 2021.

So I have Decided that to answer some basic questions related to how to start blogging in 2021.

1. Is Earning From blogging in 2021 is profitable ?

Ans :- Yes Friend 100% start a blog in 2021 is profitable so many bloggers make blogging as courier.

2. How Much Time takes blogging to start a decent earning?

Ans:- Some Bloggers Earns Decent Earnings From Bloggers in just 1year why because they are working on it and giving effort to blogging. That’s why I have written these Article how to start blogging in 2021 because I know That Beginners Wants To Learn These.

3.How Much Total Invest to start blog in 2021?

Ans:- Here Some Investment approximately per year 70$ to 100$.

I Think That I Have Solved Your Query Related To how to start blogging in 2021

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