Liquid Web Hosting Review

I haven’t Used It but as peoples review it, it is the best web hosting for bloggers.

  • Cloud Servers
  • High Availability Hosting
  • VMware Private Cloud
  • 24/7 Support

Hey, are you looking for web hosting which is reliable and has the best customer service then you are at the right place?

In this review, I’m gonna share with you why Liquid Web is the best hosting provider among other hosting providers.

Before starting let me tell you if anyone doesn’t know what is Liquid Web then let me tell you.

Liquid Web is a hosting provider like other hosting providers, you might have gotten confused about what is liquid web hosting is it a hosting or a hosting provider. It is a hosting provider, my friend.

Now let’s start from the starting,

Liquid Web Hosting Review

liquid web hosting review
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Liquid Web is a hosting provider as I said earlier. It was founded in 1997. The liquid web offers you fully managed cloud and web hosting.

Their specialization is in providing the best dedicated servers that are customizable, high-performance VPS hosting, performance-tuned managed WordPress hosting, managed WooCommerce which is the all-in-one solution for high-performing WooCommerce stores, and many more.

Let’s Go into a deep Liquid Web Hosting Review.

Why choose Liquid Web?

Liquid Web promises to give you 24/7/365 support, 59 seconds responsive time guaranteed for a phone call, 59 seconds responsive time guaranteed for chat, and 59 minutes helpdesk responsive guaranteed. Liquid Web has 500+ professionals to support you. 45,000+ customers over more than 150 countries, 10 Global data centers

Liquid Web provides you with fully managed hosting, Industry’s best support 24/7/365, White Glove Migrations, Global Data Centres.

If you want to migrate your website then you don’t need to take a headache they have experienced specialists that have performed thousands of migrations the purpose of this theme is to make your experience better with liquid web and make migration simple and painless.

You can also check out its alternate hosting which is green geeks, If you Want Then You Can Read Greengeeks Review.

What are you going to get while purchasing Liquid Web?

Help in picking the perfect hosting plan:-

They will help you which plan you should buy, is it really worth it for you or not because many people want to start a new website but they buy an expensive plan and suffer when the renewal time comes because at the initial phase you’ll not have 100k or 200k views but if you already have a website and want to migrate it then that’s a different case.

This is the best thing that I liked the most was that they help you get your perfect plan.

Help Migrating Your Website, Store, or Application

As I earlier said they help in migrating your website, store, or application because many people find it difficult to migrate it but Liquid Web has the solution for this too, they will provide you with a specialist that will help you migrate your website, store or application. 

One thing I want to tell you is that they don’t charge in most cases. 

Customer Support Helping whenever you needed

If you find any problem that you are unable to solve or you find a problem with anything Liquid Web provides you a dedicated support team so that your problem can be solved and the purpose behind this is to make more and more loyal customers.

The best thing about Liquid Web is they are ready to help you whenever you want whether it would be late at night at 1:00 am or early morning at 5:00 am.

Keeps Your Server & OS Updated to Ensure it’s Secure

Like many providers, they will protect your website data and make it secure for years until you shift to their platform.

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Pros & Cons of Liquid Web

  • Fast hosting
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Powerful and high-performance servers
  • Incredible support
  • Automatic backups

  • No money-back guarantee
  • You don’t get shared hosting
  • Expensive 

What people say about Liquid Web

Customer reviews are the most important aspect of any company.

Remember a good customer review tells us that how good the company is or the brand is and a bad customer review indicates that how bad the company’s service or the product is.

FAQ’s related to Liquid Web

What kind of web hosting does Liquid Web provide?

Liquid Web provides you dedicated servers, cloud dedicated, VMware private cloud, HIPAA compliant hosting, Cloud servers, VPS hosting, Private VPS hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, Cloud sites, Managed WooCommerce, Magneto cloud, Database hosting, Server clusters.

These are the hostings that Liquid Web provides.

What benefits you are going to get from Liquid Web hosting?

As I earlier said Liquid Web helps in picking the perfect hosting you want, helps is migrating your website, store, or application, helping whenever you needed. I have explained these points in detail in this review you can go and check it out.

What if my website doesn’t migrate?

If your website doesn’t migrate you don’t have to worry about it Liquid Web will provide you, specialists, they have migrated thousands of websites that are facing a problem like you. 

These specialists are highly qualified and certified.

Is there any refund policy for liquid web hosting?

Liquid Web does not have any money-back guarantee. If anything doesn’t work then you can freely contact customer support, they will figure out your problem but you’ll not get a refund.

But then also you want a refund, let me tell you, you’ll only get refund Cloud VPS Plans. 

For a refund, you will have to submit a cancellation request via your account management dashboard.

Who can use Liquid Web’s hosting?

Liquid Web focuses on medium and large organizations like agencies, business owners who can make a large amount of money. 

I think that’s why Liquid Web doesn’t provide a money-back guarantee.

Which Plan would I choose?

There are many plans you can choose from. You can choose the dedicated hosting or the VPS hosting but wait don’t believe me you should do your own research and find it out.

But as I earlier said they will help you find your perfect plan.

Final Words About Liquid Web Hosting Review

This Liquid Web Hosting Review is one of the best hosting for medium and large organizations.

I hope I have completed the Liquid Web review and hope you all love it.

If the answer is yes then you can share it with your friends who are willing to buy hosting.

If anything has been left by me, let me know in the comments section.

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