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I am taking my mentor’s Mangesh Bhardwaj

interview. So first of all Mangesh sir big welcome to uniqeblog.

We will talk about how Mangesh Bhardwaj sir earned his 1$ From online marketing.

Mangesh Bharadwaj is not only my mentor, there are so many bloggers learning from his blog because he provides not only quality content but he provides well informative information about blogging with proof on his blogging blog.

let’s reveal all secrets about Mangesh Bhardwaj.

Mangesh kumar bhardwaj interview
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Q1: Tell us about you and BloggingQnA?

Ans: Hello Everyone, First of All, Thanks indrajeet for Inviting me to your blog. This is Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj a 22 years old Full-Time Blogger, YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer, and Founder of BloggingQnA.com and Youtube Channel.

Apart from this, I also have a Facebook Community – “BloggingQNA” and a Telegram group.

Q2: What is blogging for you?

Ans: Honestly speaking, I started blogging to make money online, But as time flies, Now it’s a habit for me.

My day is incomplete without doing some blogging tasks. So all I can say is blogging is in my vein now.

It gives me time, freedom, money, fame, name, and almost everything that I am dreaming of.

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Q3: How have you earned your first dollar through blogging?

Ans:  My first online dollar was from an earning application. I earned somewhere around 500 INR.

But that was just a start. But my journey started from my first 100 dollars.

You can check the video below to know my complete story of the first 100 dollars.

Q4: How many blogs are you running right now?

Ans: Right now, I am working on 10+ blogs. Some of them are generating money and some of them just experiment blogs.

Q5: How do you manage your work and blogging at the start?

Ans: Honestly speaking,  I can’t give any tips because I am very bad at time management. I do the work when I feel like working. Otherwise, I leave it.

This is one of the problems that I am facing these days. Figuring out how I can manage things with time.

Q6: What mistakes have you made in your blogging journey?

Ans:  Like every newbie, I also faced the traffic generation problem and, most importantly, no proper guidance about blogging.

Even these days many people, mostly on youtube, are misguiding newbies and beginners by showing earning proofs and telling them some quick and short ways to get success in blogging.

The harsh truth is “Blogging is not a quick-rich scheme” It takes time and hard work. So it’s very important to follow the right people who can guide you in the right way.

My suggestion to all the newbies is to leverage social media for initial traffic and, most importantly, follow the right mentor into your niche who can guide you the best.

And one more tip I want to give is; don’t trust anybody blindly. After watching any video or reading articles, Do your own research and then start work on anything. 

Note:- If You have any queries or you want to ask any question from Mangesh sir then you can comment below he will reply to you.

Q7: Is Blogging safe for the future? Your opinion

Ans: Yes, 100% the future of blogging is super bright. I don’t know why people are so afraid about it.

Yes, the way of blogging will change with time. But the future is always bright.

Watch the video below for more clarification.

Q8: What are the earning sources that you use?

Ans: Initially AdSense was my only revenue source. But as the famous quote says; don’t put all eggs in one basket.

Similarly, you need to create multiple revenue sources over a period of time. And I did the same.

Watch the video below for knowing my multiple revenue sources.

Q9: If a beginner wants to start blogging, what do you suggest him to go with his/her interest niche or other niches?

Ans: Always go with the niche in which you are interested. Initially, it is very important.

Because you are not aware of how things work, and there your interest will lead you to blog.

So always work in an interesting niche in the starting.  After knowing the things, you can go with any things.

Q10: Which hosting and theme do you recommend to a beginner?

Ans:  For hosting, I recommend A2hosting, Siteground, Wpx Hosting, and Bluehost who have some good budgets for hosting.

For cheap hosting, You can check out hostinger and Namecheap hosting.

For themes, you can try GeneratePress and Affiliate Booster.

Q11: Which keyword researching tool do you use?

Ans: I use SEMrush and Ahref both for keyword Research. For keyword research and backlink analysis, I mostly use Ahref and for competitor and content marketing I use Semrush.

Q12: What are important points that bloggers must know while writing an article for on-page SEO?

Ans: Just one thing, don’t write for search engines. Write for the users. Ultimately you have to satisfy users.

Apart from that keep in mind some basic on-page SEO techniques and you are good to go.

Q13: in 2022 can we get free quality backlinks if yes then how?

Ans: It depends, if you are looking for backlinks quickly, you can try comment links, profile links, social bookmarking, etc.

These are some easy backlinks.

If you want high-quality backlinks try guest posts, bloggers outreach, haro link building, etc.

Q14: What are your future goals?

Ans: Just focusing on building my personal brand stronger. And trying to create more revenue sources for my business.

Q15: Can you say something to our audience that can help them?

Ans: keep doing hard work with patience and consistency.

Patience and consistency can beat anything. That is the only thing that will give you the best results. And don’t forget the power of networking.

My best wishes to you. More and more power and success to you brother.

Indrajeet:- Thank you Mangesh Bhardwaj sir.

Wrapping up!

Thank You Mangesh Sir, This is the first interview so I don’t know how is it? but If you like you can comment below!

Note:- If You have any queries or you want to ask any question from Mangesh sir then you can comment below he will reply to you.

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  1. Dear Mr Singh Thanks for this interview, it is so informative like us new writer, i am also YouTube subscriber of Mr Mangesh but your blog seems so nice with so much information we can get and improve ourselves.

  2. Thanks, Indrajeet for this informative & motivational interview of one of my favorite bloggers Mangesh. I watch her videos on regular basis & he really shares such valuable content through their YouTube channel. Thanks, again

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