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RankMath SEO is the #1 SEO plugin for bloggers, This is the very best & Useful Plugin For Bloggers.

  • Help To Rank Post In Schema Markup
  • Using Rankmath Can Rank Site In Faqs
  • Shows Your Mistakes
  • It Will Strong Your On-Page SEO

When it comes to WordPress optimization plugins then there are two plugins that are talked about.

One is the Yoast SEO plugin and the other one has done a revolution in SEO plugins.

And the name is Rank Math.

Most of you might know what is Rank Math but the ones who don’t know let me tell you.

Rank Math is a Search Engine Optimization plugin That makes it easy for anyone to optimize their content with a lot of features in it.

Now I hope you all know what is Rank Math.

Now let’s start our Rank Math review.

Rank Math was created by MyThemeShop in late 2018. As it was a new product in the market it was under improvement for many years but now it has achieved a crown a for being the second-most installed SEO plugin.

Rank Math Review: Is Rank Math Is Powerfull SEO Plugin?

Rankmath seo plugin review
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How does Rank Math  work on the website?

Rank Math is designed to give you the right information at the right time. The simple interface highlights important information that is to be improved alongside the post itself.

Rank Math Helps You To Improve Your SEO. Rankmath Improves My 99% Mistakes In SEO.

If You Own Functionality In Which If You Are Writing Correct Article Then It’s Good But If Not Then RankMath Shows Error To Improve It.

What you are going to get after you install Rank Math.

After installation of Rank Math, you are going to get 15+ built-in modules that you can use as per your requirements.

You will be able to keep your eye on keyword ranking that helps in SEO improvements.

You will be able to see the analytics of your website that helps you to stay in your comfort zone without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

If you are someone who is frequently worried about your website position then my friend Rank Math helps you to see how your website has performed.

Build your own schemas or add multiple schemas to a single post in just a few clicks.

Ranking a local business can be a difficult task but now it has become easier with the help of local business schema can help in receiving more traffic.

Most posts have FAQ’s but those FAQs may look simple to you. Rank Math has made a special block for FAQ’s names FAQ Schema Block this will make a separate section for the FAQs in your blog and will help in increasing user experience.

If you have a youtube channel and have a website then this one will be more interesting for you. 

You can display videos when indexed on google in just a few clicks when you install Rank Math, so what are you waiting for just grab it.

If you have a business at multiple locations and want to rank your website as per each location in local keywords then multi-location local SEO in Rank Math can help you with it.

If you have a local business and have a website on google then you must be having contact information displayed but for some reason, the shop may remain close but on the website, you haven’t done any changes. So to prevent this problem Rank Math has introduced a contact information shortcode, this helps to keep your information updated.

A local business needs to display information on their site for getting desired results because if the person is not getting the right information then you probably may not get a sale. Rank Math has an Advanced Block feature that helps you display information separately from the content.

When you are writing content you must have a keyword so that your keyword should rank. 

Keywords are like the blood of the post if you don’t have the right keyword then your post will not rank. Rank Math has made it much easier, it help you to improve your SEO. 

You will get all the information about which post is performing well and which is not and also it gives you, your top-performing keywords and worst performing keywords, this helps you to know which SEO technique is working and which is not working.

If you have a digital marketing agency and you are offering SEO the Rank Math will help you track the data to all your client’s websites. It also enables you to limit the tracking of the keywords of each website. You will be allowed to check the speed of every post you are writing.

Rank Math informs every search engine that you have posted a new post or updated an old post. This method is called Pinning this method can help you bring more traffic to your website.

If you are facing any issues or even the smallest issues you can freely contact the support team they are available 24x7x365.

Also This Plugin Work With All Themes Like Generatepress And Many More.

There are many more benefits the list will never end. So what are you waiting for go and install now?

RankMath Pricing & Features

RankMath Pro Plan

  • You Can Use Unlimited personal websites
  • You Can Track 500 Keywords
  • Powerful Schema Generator
  • 24/7 Available Support
  • Renews at $59+ taxes

This plan is just for 59$. If you are a blogger who is blogging for a long period then this one is for you.

I think this rank math review is helpful for you.

Rank Math Business Plan

  • Support up to 100 client websites
  • Track 10,000 Keywords
  • Powerful Schema Generator
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • Renews at $199+ taxes

This plan is for 199$. For business owners, this would be the best.

RankMath Agency Plan

  • Support up to 500 750 client websites
  • Track 50000 75,000 Keywords
  • Powerful Schema Generator
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • Renews at $499+ taxes

If you are running an agency then this one is for you. Starts from 499$

RankMath Pros And Cons

I think this rank math review is helpful for you.

  • Automatically adds Alt Tags For Missing Images
  • Offers Free VersionLightWeight SEO Plugin
  • LightWeight SEO Plugin
  • Lets you optimize for up to 5 keywords
  • 24/7 Support
  • No Cons In My Mind

What people say about Rank Math

People reviews are the best part of any services or product that the company is offering. 

Remember a good customer review indicates the brand of the company and a bad customer review indicates how bad the company is.

You Can Also Ask From The Top Bloggers And Agency Owners Most Of People Use Rankmath.

RankMath vs Yoast SEO: Which is better?

I think Rank Math is better to rank math provides you extra features like targeting more keywords etc in comparison to Yoast SEO.

Final Though on Rank Math Review

I hope I’ve completed this Rank Math review and you find it helpful.

Now it’s upon you whether you want to choose this or another option.

This is an amazing SEO plugin you can ever get after the Yoast SEO plugin. 

If you like it then you can share it with your friends who want to know about the best plugin in the market.

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