How To Build Sales Funnel in WordPress [Step By Step Guide]: 2022

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide to building sales funnel in WordPress? Then this blog post is only for you!

If you have an eCommerce store or you are thinking to start then you must know about Sales Funnel because it can increase your sales.

There are lots of software like click funnels, and grovefunnels to create sales funnel pages but this type of software costs you lot’s of money!

But what if I tell you, You can create it in some $$ Using WordPress?

So, In this article, I am gonna teach you How To Build Sales Funnel in WordPress [Step By Step Guide].

So let’s start the article.

Before going to step by step guide first I am gonna tell you about the sales funnel, If you know already then you can skip this part and jump on the guide directly using a table of content.

What Is a Sales Funnel? 🤔

Sales Funnel
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Source: GetVoip .com

Through three to four steps, the marketing funnel or sales funnel describes the process by which human beings are persuaded to perform a task.

Leads can be converted into buyers through a series of predefined steps.

The exact steps in your sales funnel may vary slightly depending on what you’re selling. This process consists of four stages.

The steps are as follows:

  • Attention – When a consumer learns about a brand or product, they become aware of it
  • Interest – The benefits of products/brands and how they fit into their lifestyles attract them.
  • Desire – Consumers develop a fondness for brands as they become attached to them
  • Action – The consumer shops around, tries products and purchases them

In 1898, Elias St. Elmo Lewis developed the basic process, also known as AIDA.

So, This was all about the sales funnel. Now, it’s time to move on to the step-by-step guide.

How To Build Sales Funnel in WordPress [Step By Step Guide]

How To Build Sales Funnel in WordPress
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Now let’s look at the steps to make a funnel with CartFlows. 

Step 1. Install Essential Plugins

Note: Before going to this step I just want to tell you that you must have to create a WordPress website with good hosting.

Installing and activating WooCommerce is the first step.

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We have to use this WooCommerce plugin, It’s necessary to Plugin.

This free WordPress eCommerce plugin powers most eCommerce websites. 

In the Setup Wizard, you can configure your online store settings, payment method, and shipping address. Payment gateways should be connected to your website.

After installing WooCommerce, click the Products menu in your WordPress dashboard. 

Now is the time to install CartFlows, one of the best funnel builders for WordPress. You can create funnels and customize the WooCommerce checkout process with the free version.

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CartFlows Pro also includes a cart abandonment feature where you can add custom fields, order bumps, upsells, and down sells, as well as configure fields and fields.

In addition to CartFlows, you need to add Elementor as the next plugin. With more than 3 million websites using Elementor, it is the most popular page builder in the world.

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Using it is very easy and it’s free. With Elementor Pro, which is the paid version, you can create a seamless sales funnel.

Step 2. Create A Funnel

Next, you need to create a landing page for your product. This content is intended to convert visitors to the ‘interest’ stage of the sales funnel. 

They may have been prompted to learn more by a marketing campaign you ran.

To create your own, click CartFlows > Flows > Add New. There are several funnel templates to choose from, and you can customize them later:

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CartFlows only displays templates (called ‘flows’) that are compatible with the page builder you choose during setup. Choose a flow you like and click Import.

If your template does not already contain these pages, you can add one or more by clicking on Add New Step.

Step 3: Create Checkout and Thank You pages

On your Flows page, continue with Step 2 to create your Checkout and Thank You pages. 

The Checkout page requires one unique step, but it is fairly straightforward.

On your Checkout page, you might see a label that says No Product Assigned in the flow editor:

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Click on a specific product in the Checkout Settings section of Edit to link it to this page:

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CartFlows’ documentation explains each option in detail.

A thank you page confirms the completion of a purchase and builds loyalty between a brand and its customers. 

You may also want to direct buyers to your social media profiles or upsell pages as the next steps.

Step 4: Create upsell pages

You might consider your sales funnel complete at this point. Your most valuable asset, however, is a repeat customer. 

While your buyers are already on your site, you may want to direct them to an upsell page to build a lasting relationship.

CartFlows’ premium version includes upselling pages. The flow editor allows you to create your own steps from scratch by clicking Add New Step.

Step 5: Connecting

Once you’ve connected the dots, your pages will be linked. By default, CartFlows directs users through your site in the order specified by Cartflows.

This tutorial shows you how to create a landing page, a checkout page, and a thank you page. 

In the flow editor, you can add extra steps and rearrange the order by clicking the Add New Step button.

Step 6. Test Your Funnel

Go back to the CartFlows menu > Flows to edit the flow. The Enable Test Mode checkbox should be unchecked in the Flow Settings section. 

By doing this, you can test the actual flow of your funnel. Make sure your payment gateway is configured correctly.

In an incognito window or in another browser, the landing page you set as your homepage will appear. Following the call to action will direct the whole flow to you.

Faqs Related to Sales Funnel WordPress

What are a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is the marketing term for the journey potential customers goes through on the way to purchase.

Conclusion On Sales Funnel WordPress

I think you have successfully created your sales funnel through Cartflows.

It is possible to boost your sales/ conversions using a sales funnel strategy.

If you have any doubts then you can ask in the comment box.

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