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Semrush is one of the best SEO tools for bloggers. If you are really want to grow your blog in less time then use tools like semrush for keyword researching and competitive analysis.

  • Page SEO Audit Checker
  • Best Keyword Finder Tool
  • Content Researcher

Are you searching for semrush free trial without a credit card then this post is only for ySmerush free trial is a very powerful and best tool in comparison to other tools? So many Agencies and Bloggers use this tool to analyze competitor domains and most people use this tool

there are so many peoples who use semrush for their website SEO!

if you are thinking about how to get a sem rush free trial with some review then this post is only for you!

Here also I am sharing some quick reviews about semrush!

Semrush Free Trial Without Any Credit Card Step By Step Guide

semrush free trial
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How to take semrush free trial?

So there are very simple steps you have to follow with me then you will able to get semrush for free.

Follow these steps and get semrush trial free.

Step1:- Click on the below button and scroll down on semrush page then, at last, you will get the button that is shown in the screenshot.

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Step2:- Create Your Account To Login in trial Semrush As Shown In Below Image.

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Step3:- Choose Your Plan Which you want to Continue. As Per Your Requirement then click on get free trial.

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hey, congrats you have activated semrush trial easily.

Note:- If You Are Thinking To Use It For Free Then Click On Skip Trial But Read This:-
In The Skip trial, you don’t have any plan you are just using a free trial but in this, you will get some limitations.

In The Free trial you can access with only some keywords you can’t research in deep you will get limitations so if you don’t need limitations then go with semrush plans.

Semrush Review 2022

semrush review
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Are you searching for a keyword research tool & semrush review that can help you find your desired results, then my friend you are at the right place.

Semrush is a keyword research tool. Semrush helps bloggers, small or big business owners to get their desired results.

Semrush is the competitor of ahref like keyword research tools which were at the top but now Semrush is also one of them.

I hope you have understood what is semrush.

Now let’s start from starting when was semrush launched?

Semrush was launched in 2008 as a small group of SEO and IT specialists with one mission to make the online competition fair and transparent. Within 13 years they have grown as one of the largest leading competitive research services for online marketing.

How semrush helps you in the ranking?

Semrush’s SEO checker helps you get the best results out of web pages. It filters the factors affecting the google ranking and also compares your website from the top websites.

The benefits of using semrush

  • SEO: Your SEO will improve as I said earlier SEO checker will help you to improve.
  • Find low-difficulty keywords: After you purchase semrush you will be provided with the option named magic keyword tool that help you find amazing keywords.
  • Increase traffic: You can increase your traffic by analyzing your competitors and using their winning strategies
  • PPC keyword research: You can build your perfect paid search campaign using their keyword research tools

Semrush Review with Plans & Pricing

There are basically 3 types of plans.

Semrush Pro Plan

Semrush pricing starts from $199.95/mo for the pro plan(an increase of 20$), if you find that the pricing is very high to you, you can go for the annual plan which is for just $99.95/mo. 

The Pro plan gives you 10,000 results per report in both domain & keyword analytics and 3,000 reports per day. The pro plan has 5 projects, 500 keywords tracking limit daily, 100,000 crawled pages limit, 500 SEO ideas units along 5 scheduled PDF limits.

Semrush Guru Plan

The Guru plan starts with $229.95/mo(an increase of 30$) and the annual Guru plan at 191.62/mo.

In the Guru plan, you get 30,000 reports per report in both domain & keyword analytics and 5,000 reports per day. The Guru plan has 15 projects,1,500 keywords tracking limit daily, 300,000 crawled pages limit, 800 SEO ideas units,s, and 20 scheduled PDF.

The Guru plan also offers you some additional features compared to the pro plan. Y get access to the content marketing tools, unlimited topics to research with 800 SEO content templates, 20,000-page audits.

Semrush Business Plan

Last but not least is the business plan. The business will be available for $449.95/mo and the annual plan for 374.95/mo. 

If you are a business owner then this plan is for you. You get everything you want compared to the Pro and Guru plan. 

The Business plan has 40 projects limit with 5,000 keyword tracking limit, you get access to the keyword, domain and backlink analytics, content marketing platform, Google data studio integration, 50,000 results per report, you can also set your targets as much you want with 50 scheduled PDF reports and also 1.000.000 crawled pages limit.

You can Also Check Rankmath review.

Semrush Pros And Cons

  • Page SEO Audit Checker
  • SEO recommendations 
  • Best Keyword Finder Tool
  • Content Researcher
  • Strategic advertising
  • Website SEO Audit
  • Keyword suggestions

  • Semrush Gives KD in percentage
  • Time consuming Tool

What people say about semrush

People’s reviews are the best to identify that the service or product provided by the company is worth it or not.

Remember a good customer review indicates that how good the company’s product or service is and bed customer review indicates how bad the company’s product or service is.

FAQ’s Related to semrush Review & Semrush Free Trial

What if I didn’t like semrush after purchase?

You can freely contact the support and you will get your refund within the first 7-days. No questions will be asked.

Do I get a customer demo?

When you sign up for a free trial you can request a free training session. After the demo session, you will get a dedicated point of contact for all your questions.

Are there any charges when I enter my credit card?

You will be charged a nominal amount to check its validity and will be immediately refunded once confirmed. You won’t be charged until your sem rush free trial ends.

Which is better for me, Pro or Guru?

If you are a blogger, freelancer, or in-house marketer then the semrush Pro plan would be the best option for you. If you are an agency with numerous clients or a professional SEO consultant then the best suited for you will be Guru plan.

Can I use semrush for free?

Yes, you can use a lot of features in the free account but you will be limited to only 10 searches per day. The maximum number of requests made to the analytics reports per day is 10 but this was for the free version if you purchase it then it’s totally different here’s what the package users have access to: Pro users have access to 3,000 searches per day, Guru users have access to 5,000 searches per day and the Business users have access to 10,000 searches per day.

For small agencies which plan would be better?

The Pro plan might be better, which is the starting subscription, or you can go for the Guru plan which is most popular for SMBs and new growing agencies.

Final words About Semrush Free Trial & Semrush Review

I hope I have completed the semrush review with semrush free trial guide and I hope this review was helpful to you. 

If you are searching for a keyword research tool then semrush would be best for you (I recommend it)

Now it’s all up to you whether you go for it or not. If you chose semrush then you will be getting the benefits mentioned above if you didn’t then no problem you can check another one.

If you liked this semrush review then you can share it with your friends who are in need of a keyword research tool.

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