Are you excited to know more about what is blogging and how does it work I am also excited to tell you more and more about blogging?

so let’s first talk about

when blogging came and what’s it?

In 1994 when blogs began, the blog was a more professional type of diary where bloggers write about what they know. Then People Saw an opportunity to share their ideas online on online search engines.

what is a blogging and What is a blog?

What is blogging
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Definition:- A blog is a type of Book where bloggers write their own views on a particular topic. The blog is a type of full information provider. Writer Can Be Anyone.

You Can See Google says there are 500 million blogs in the world and 2 million blog posts daily publish.

who is blogger?

Ans:- Blogger is a type of person who writes articles on a blog. Ex:- This article is written by me.

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what is the purpose of creating blog?

Ans:- state the purpose of creating a blog is to provide value to the search engine visitors through the blog posts and bloggers take these as a business.

Wait! Wait! I will teach you in detail don’t worry

Whenever a blogger writes an article when the article ranks on Google or any other search engine then the visitor gains the information or knowledge about their topic so now when the visitor visits the blog then visitor earns money through it.

Also, Blogger gets high branding because he is the one who solves visitors’ problem via blog post.

let Suppose take these with an example:-

Example 1:- Let suppose Take an example of a student. Student Wants to know the solution of their question so he searches on google and he reaches the blog post now the student get the solution and the blogger get money through an ad which he places on his blog.

Example 2:- Let Suppose anybody wants to buy any product online and he thinks to check out the review about it so he searches on google and he visits some blog post so now bloggers earn money via Blogpost>>Review>>Affiliate commission.

In these cases, It is the big purpose to write a blog post where both the visitor and blogger get benefits. These are a state the purpose of creating a blog. I think You are getting something.

I think Now You are getting something about what is blogging and how does it work.

What is website?

Now You Think about what is a website so the website is a type of site in which brands and companies sell something directly to buyers.

What is the difference between blog and website?

Blog:- Blogs have updates daily and blogss provide good knowledge about the queries. Blog Provide A Real honest review and pros and cons of the products. Blogs promote reader engagements. Readers have a chance to comment and talk with the bloggers and ask many more questions from bloggers.

Website:- Website also has updated but the website sells directly and On the website, only buyers come and purchase a product or take services. There is no informational article but nowadays website owners also write about their product only on their website.

Let’s Take an example to learn more

Let Any cook what to make a recipe and cook not having any ingredients let he first search about the food how to make it then he visit the blog now there is full recipe let the blogger given the ingredients link to purchase it so the visitor visits the website through the given link in the blog post.

I think Now You get what is blogging and how does it work.

How I Can Make Blog?

If you want to start a blog or want to start a personal blog meaning to make your own blog.

You have to invest in your blog name and hosting where you host your blog on google. You can use hostinger for hosting. And If you are thinking that what is these and need step by step guide about how to start a blog you can visit my article.

think Now You are getting something about what is blogging and how does it work.


I hope that you have learned lots of things about what is blogging and how does it work and also I have described everything for the example now you have to work on your blog. and also push the notification to take updates from this blog.

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