Hello, Friends today I am describing here that What Is Blogging And How To Start Blogging In 2021?  and also describing the 5 ways to earn from blogging in 2021.

Also here What Is Blogging And How To Start Blogging In 2021? and providing lots and best content so read carefully. 

What is blogging?

A Blog is an online journal informational website displaying information by the articles.

You are writing a full informational article, which is known as blogging. and to start blogging in 2021, you have a domain name and web hosting.

What is hosting and domain?

Hosting – To keep your blog or website on the internet, you need a server which we called web hosting or hosting in the language of the internet.

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Domain – A domain name is the name of your website and it creates a brand in blogging. Ex- yourdomain.com/.in.

How to start blogging in 2021?

To start Blogging in 2021, there are two methods free and paid for learning you can use free method but if you want to earn from blogging in 2021 and become a brand in blogging so you have to invest some money.

The free method in blogging vs paid method in blogging

Free method – In the Free method you have to use blogger and if you are new in blogging. so for learning you can use blogger with blog spot subdomain and if your learning is done so you can purchase a domain name for your brand then you can go in blogger and start blogging in 2021 so you can go. 

In the free method server and hosting is both provide by blogger and if you have a little money so you can purchase a brand domain name for your website and What Is Blogging And How To Start Blogging In 2021? and now the price you are investing is for domain and the hosting and server provided by blogger.

Paid method, – In the free method you can use WordPress Because in these method you must have an hosting and domain so you you can start blogging in 2021, and also in these WordPress having some advanced features.

If you want to become a brand in blogging so you have to purchase a domain and if you want advanced features so you have to purchase a hosting and domain both.

 5 ways to earn from blogging in 2021

1.Google ads – mostly bloggers use google ads in these you have to take the approval of your website from google ads. then google shows ads in your blog and if you are getting views in your blog so google ads pay you.

2.Affiliate marketing – In affiliate marketing, you have to choose the product according to your blog then when the seller got sales from your links so the seller gives you your affiliate commission.

3.Email marketing – In this, you are collecting the mails from your blog and you share you can earn by affiliate plus email marketing  Ex – you can mail you email subscriber that these product is best. 

4.Sponsorships – In these you are getting a brans sponsorships for your website ex- brand say you promote are a brand by your blog.

5-Guestpost – In these, some websites say you post these articles in your blog and we will give you rent for these particular articles.


Conclusion – so friends we have learned about blogging, hosting, domain, and also we have learned about free method and paid method to start blogging in 2021 and also you get the  5 What Is Blogging And How To Start Blogging In 2021? so friends now not end.

You have to learn about SEO and how to create a free blog and paid blog and about backlinks and also you have to learn about keyword researching so be here .so basically follow me I am sharing lots of content in this blog.

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