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let first learn what is domain and hosting,

what is domain and hosting

Hosting:- Hosting is a type of house where you put your all material of shop or blog in blogging hosting to prevent and take care of your site and also hosting having a server means if anyone searches your site from any country then you hosting servers serves files via the internet.

Domain:- Domain is your website name example:-

A domain is an “Address” on the internet and A hosting is “land” on the internet or a space where your website file lives.

How domain and hosting works

What is domain and hosting
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Domain Registration

Internet addresses are technically your “IP address” so instead of typing IP address the website owner buys a domain name that exact routes to a specific IP address.

web Hosting

Web hosting is a house where your all website files are stored. and hosting company has a bunch of servers to load your site in any country.

How to get started a blog

For Start a blog in 2022 you have to purchase a good domain and hosting

Buy A Good Domain and hosting

Domain:- there are man domains like in, com, XYZ, online but most people use the .in and .com domain because it is best to rank on google.

difference between in and com:-

in:- If you are from India or You Have To target your site in your country only then you can purchase in the domain.

com:- If you want to target your site worldwide then purchase com domain

Note:- If you write you will write your content in English then must use the com domain.

So there is the difference between in and com domains.

difference between in and com I have difference these because I think I have also faced this problem when I was a beginner.

Buy Domain and Hosting separately

If you want to start your blog you can also buy a domain and hosting separately means you can purchase a domain from GoDaddy and purchase hosting from hostinger.

buy hosting and domain together

With this path, you will buy a domain and hosting from a single company.

There are so many companies that are selling hosting and domain together. It makes lots of sense.

Also, many hosting providers give you a free domain if you will purchase 1 or more years of hosting.

Provider example (Hosting + Domain)

  • hostinger:- Best web hosting for beginners and business owners also very cheap.
  • Bluehost:-  focus on usability & broad appeal w/ free domain for a year and less expensive hosting


  • Convenience and simplicity.
  • Bundled specials and discounts.
  • Unified support from one company.
  • No additional configuration.


  • Harder to leave & transition to a new company or use backup services.
  • More expensive long-term with pricier domain renewals.
  • Hard to manage many domains, especially if some are inactive.
  • Loss of specialization in domain services (or hosting services).

Note:-Hostinger and bluehost is the best web hosting.

I think You have completely learned about what is domain and hosting.


So friends I think I have covered so many points in this article I have solved your biggest question that what is domain and hosting and I suggested you best web hosting which top bloggers are using. Let Comment below on what you understand from these particular posts and also start your blog as soon as possible. Let push the notification to get updates from this site.

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