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We all know WP Engine hosting is very powerful web hosting but it is costly too.

But, this time WP engine black Friday deals are running. In this deal, you can grab a wp engine with a 42% instant discount plus you will get a five-month free subscription if you purchase an annual plan for it.

1.2 million websites across the globe now use WP Engine as their first choice

If you need reliable managed WordPress hosting at low prices then this time is best for you. Don’t miss this deal if you miss this then you will feel regret when the deal ends.

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WP Engine Black Friday Deals 2021

Wp Engine Provides Managed WordPress Hosting Which is best for bloggers and developers. If You are running your e-commerce site then this hosting is best for you.

  • Limited Local Storage
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Daily Backup Facility In All Plan
  • Free CDN(Cloud Delivery Network)
  • Chat & Call Support
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 10+ Free WordPress Premium Themes
  • Managed WordPress Web Hosting

WP Engine Black Friday Deals 2021 Get 5months free hosting

Wp engine #1 web hosting is the best web hosting for bloggers and site owners.

In this black Friday deal, 2021 wp engine provides over 42% instant discount on regular prices, and also if you purchase a 1-year subscription then you will also get free for five months.

This wp engine black Friday deal starts on Monday, 23 November 2021 to Friday, December 4, 2021.

How to activate WPEngine Black Friday Deals 2021

You can sign up for a WP engine plan by following this step-by-step process, and you will get five months of free hosting plus a special 42% discount on regular prices.

Step 1: Click on this special link and access to WP engine black Friday deal and grab a 42% discount and five months of free hosting.

Step 2: Clicks on plans and pricing above button above to buy WP engine at this black Friday deal. There are so many plans for the WP engine here is a guide for you.

Click on the Get Started button after choosing a WP Engine plan that meets your needs. After these steps, you will be able to read all the web hosting plans of the WP engine.

Step 3: Select the annual subscription on the next page and enter the following information;

Note:- If You want you can choose to add ons, then fill in account details like name, email, etc. Now, choose a data center according to your site traffic or audience.

Enter Credit card details now.

Step 4: Enter the WPEngine Black Friday coupon code “CYBERWPE30” in the “Have a coupon” link on the right side of the cart section and you will immediately receive 5 months of free hosting worth $150.

Step 5: Lastly, click on the purchase button (be sure to check the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service boxes).

Congratulations! You have successfully grabbed WP engine Black Friday Deals 2021.

WP Engine Black Friday hosting Plans 

WP Engine offers 5 different types of managed WordPress hosting plans as per customer requirements. The main difference between hosting plans is storage capacity and the number of visitors allowed per month.

There is also a custom plan available if you want then you can ask them.

1. Startup plan of WP Engine web hosting

The startup plan of the Wp engine is offered for bloggers and small business owners who just started their business and also who just want to just host their 1 website.

Developers can also use this plan for testing websites and creating demos of clients.

The startup plan only allows you to host your 1 website and the plan comes with 10 GB local storage and 50 GB bandwidth plus free SSL Certificate, free CDN(Cloud Delivery Network), Free 10 Premium themes, and a daily backup facility.

The startup plan can only handle 25,000 visits monthly.

The startup plan of the WP engine costs around $35/month. We are waiting for WPEngine black Friday deals pricing.

2. Professional plan of WP Engine web hosting

The Professional plan of WP Engine is offered to professional bloggers and small business owners.

The professional plan of WP Engine Allows you to host your three websites and this plan comes with 15 GB local storage and 125 GB bandwidth per month. Also, this plan comes with a free let’s encrypt free SSL certificate, Free CDN, ten WordPress premium themes, 24/7 customer support, and a daily backup facility.

This professional plan can handle 75,000 visits per month.

This professional plan of WP Engine costs you around $59/month. And we are waiting for the WP engine black Friday deal price.

3. Growth Plan Of WP Engine Managed WordPress web hosting.

This growth plan is suitable for bloggers who run multiple sites and for developers to host their client’s websites. This plan is also suitable for E-Commerce websites as it allows you a free custom SSL certificate.

This growth plan allows you to host up to 10 websites. And this plan can handle 100,00,00 visits per month.

This growth plan offers you 20 GB of local storage and 200 GB of bandwidth per month.

Also, With this plan you are eligible to get free CDN, 10+ premium WordPress themes, 24/7 customer chat, and phone call support, and your website security.

This growth plan costs you around $115/month. When wp engine black Friday deals start we will update this pricing according to web hosting Black Friday deals.

4. Scale Plan of WP Engine Managed WordPress Web Hosting.

This scaled plan is the highest plan of WP Engine that is hosted on a shared server. I recommend that if your website gets lots of traffic like over 3,00,00 Monthly visits then take this plan.

With this scale plan, you can host your 30 websites on WP Engine. And this plan can handle 4,00,00 visits per month.

This Scale plan offers you 50 GB local storage and 500 GB bandwidth.

Also, With this plan you are eligible to get free CDN, 10+ premium WordPress themes, 24/7 customer chat, and phone call support, and your website security.

This Scale plan costs you around $290/month. It is too costly but best if you have lots of visitors/month. When wp engine black Friday deals start we will update this pricing.

5. Custom Plan of WP Engine Managed WordPress Web Hosting.

This custom plan of WP Engine is designed for those sites that are getting lots of traffic. In this custom plan, you will get a custom dedicated server.

This custom plan allows you to host more than 30 websites. And this plan can handle 4lakh plus monthly visits.

And this plan is available with a storage capacity of 100 GB to 1 TB. You can get up to 5000+ GB bandwidth per month.

The GeoTarget feature of  WP Engine, as well as WP Multisite, is available for free with any custom plan. You will also get the content management feature of the WP engine for free.

The other features are available for free. If you want this custom plan you can contact the wp engine sales team because they can only provide you specific prizes.

But in this black Friday deal, you can get a discount on this custom plan.

I think this is a short WP engine review.

Why choose WPEngine Black Friday Deals?

Let’s Start a short review of WPEngine web hosting. Why is this hosting the best?

Excellent Performance

Considering that WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting service, you’d expect the best performance from it.

In the beginning, WP Engine has a lot of built-in performance improvements, including:

  • A server-level caching solution based on Varnish and Memcached.
  • A built-in content delivery network (CDN) powered by MaxCDN/StackPath.
  • Cloud hosting infrastructure from AWS or Google Cloud (depending on your plan).

Together, these features indicate that WP Engine delivers the high load speeds that you’d expect from a host at its price point.

When you use wp engine web hosting your website speed will boost like a rocket speed.

Excellent Customer & WordPress Support

Overall, WP Engine still offers excellent support, but it’s trending down a bit as it has grown in popularity (the downside of being the most well-known).

According to CodeinWP’s 2018 hosting survey, users rated hosts’ overall support and support for WordPress specifically. WP Engine ranked second overall with scores of 4.7 (out of 5) for both options.

You’ll receive near-instant responses in most chat sessions. However, you may encounter some situations in which you have to wait 10-15 minutes if you reach out at a peak time. However, these long wait times occur less frequently than near-instant replies.

Wp engine support is open 24/7.

I think this is a short WP engine review.

Advanced Security Features

Several premium security features are also available on WP Engine. WP Engine automatically updates the WordPress core and plugins for you.

Any major core update from WP Engine is thoroughly tested before it is rolled out to customers. The company has its own intrusion detection and prevention system that blocks DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, viruses, JavaScript/SQL injection attacks, and more.

They do regular security audits of your website.

Your security is fully guaranteed by WP Engine so if someone tries to hack your website then the wp engine will fix it.

CDN for Even Faster Loading

Wp Engine provides you free CDN(cloud delivery network) so they can make their hosting faster.

CDN is included in all hosting plans of the WP engine so you will get this for free.

36+ Premium WordPress Themes

WP engine recently acquired the popular WordPress theme company Studiopress.

Now All 36+ premium WordPress themes are available for free for all WP Engine customers. Meaning you can imagine that if you are investing some money in a WP engine and in return you are getting lots of things from the wp engine.

These all 36+ premium studio press themes cost around $2000 but you are going to get this for free because you will be a customer of WP engine.

Money Back Guarantee

Ya! You heard correct in case if you purchase WP engine and within 60 days if you don’t like it then you can ask them for money back.

Because of the WP engine, you will get a 60 days money-back guarantee.

Note:- this guarantee only applies to annual billing.

Daily Backup Facility

WP engine allows you a daily backup facility in case if your data will be stolen or deleted then you have a backup.

You can restore or delete your backup anytime.

Free SSL Certificate

If You purchase any plan of WP Engine then you are able to get a free SSL certificate worth $10.

Other hosting companies take extra money for SSL certificates but here you are going to get free SSL.

Fast Loading Load Times

WP Engine is one of the fastest web hostings if we compare it to other hostings.

When San Jose hosted his site on WP Engine and tested site loading speed his site server was located in California and when he tested he got details like this.

WP Engine speed test
  • Save
image source:

As you can see the results in the screenshot.

Pros and cons of WP Engine Black Friday Deals

here are the important pros and cons of WP Engine hosting review.

  • Your site will get high-security protection
  • Fast loading websites like a rocket
  • Free 36+ Premium WordPress themes
  • WordPress expert support

  • The Wp engine does not allow you to install GPL or Nulled Plugin
  • Wp engine only offers hosting service you will not get any free domain
  • Cost is high but best

I think this is a short WP engine review.

Faqs Related to WP engine black friday deals 2021

1. Is WP Engine a shared hosting company?

No, Wp engine is not a shared web hosting company, they do not offer this kind of service related to shared web hosting. They only offer managed WordPress web hosting.

2. What is managed WordPress web hosting?

Managed WordPress web hosting is like the concierge service of your WordPress. WordPress is a powerful content writer and management system and powerful website builder without coding. In managed WordPress hosting they take care of backups, securities, caching, and many more.

Managed WordPress web hosting is costly but best for your website.

3. Is WP Engine Worth for your money?

Yes, the Wp Engine is worth it. Especially if your website is grown in limitations in shared web hosting then WP Engine managed WordPress web hosting is best for you.

4. Where are WP Engine servers located?

WP Engine uses google cloud servers and amazon web servers as their data centers. So That WP Engine allows you to host your website in North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific. I think this is best for your website.

5. Is WP Engine the best of other hosts?

We all know that WP engine only offers Managed WordPress web hosting, WP Engine has a slight edge over competitors like kinsta, flywheel, and many other hosting companies.
WP Engine prices are more expensive than shared web hosting like Bluehost, Hostgator, siteground.

6. Does WP Engine support WordPress multisite?

WP Engine Supports WordPress multisite but it is a paid addon for growth and scale plans. It does not support WordPress multisite for starting plans. It is also included in custom plans of WP Engine for agencies and enterprise clients.
I think I have cleared it now.

7. Can I cancel WP Engine hosting and get a refund?

Yes, You can cancel WP Engine and ask for a refund but this is only valid for 60days after purchasing the annual plan. This 60 days money-back guarantee is only eligible for annual billing.

8. Is WP Engine free?

No, WP Engine is not free. WP Engine is one of the best-managed WordPress hostings. you can purchase it. WP Engine provides 60 Days Money-back Guarantee If you don’t like it then you can ask for a refund.

9. Is WP Engine legit?

yes, WP Engine WordPress Manages to host is legit. If Your website has high traffic then host it on WP Engine. Also If You are a developer then WP Engine is best for Developers.

Use WP Engine To Satisfy Clients Requirements.

10. Is WP Engine expensive?

Yes, WP Engine is expensive but it is worth it. Because WP Engine Provides you best quality managed WordPress hosting. If Your site speed is going down then use WP Engine Your Website Speed Will Boost Like Rocket Speed.

I think this is a short WP engine review.

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Conclusion of WPEngine black friday deals

So this is the deal of Wp engine black Friday don’t miss it because WP Engine is the best-managed WordPress web hosting for you.

It Provides you better facilities from other web hosting providers.

Don’t miss this amazing deal grab it now and get 42% off plus five months of free hosting on annual billing.

WP Engine Black Friday Deals will End Soon So click the below button and grab it now.

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