With so many web hosting companies in the hosting industry, it becomes difficult to choose the right home for our websites. A good web host will offer you the security, speed, support, and some other useful add-ons to ensure that your website runs smoothly and continues to offer what the customer demand without a glitch. 

To help you figure out the best web hosting company that you should go with, I have prepared this review article that includes all the information you would need to make an informed decision. 

So, read on to find out more about one of the best cheap web hosting providers in India, YouStable. 

YouStable Review- Overview

youstable review
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An India-based web hosting company, YouStable offers various web hosting services to customers from all around the globe. From Shared to Dedicated servers and WordPress to Joomla Hosting, YouStable has many product offerings when it comes to web hosting. 

Through this article, I will try to tell you more about what YouStable has to offer in terms of features, the best plans to choose from, and the pros and cons of choosing YouStable as your web host. 

Established in 2015, YouStable has been striving to provide the best web hosting services to all its users along with reliable support. With a team that works endlessly to ensure that the customers do not experience troubles while hosting their websites on YouStable servers, you can rest assured that your websites have found the right home with them. 

YouStable offers a stable hosting environment, with a high uptime guarantee, secured interface, an easy-to-use dashboard to manage the hosting services, multiple data center locations, and attractive free addons. 

All their web hosting plans have been designed to offer the best hosting experience at the most affordable rates. 

Let’s dig deeper and discuss these features in more detail. 

7+ Reason Why You Should Choose YouStable

As mentioned above, there are various reasons to choose YouStable as your hosting partner. The most important being its reliability and stability.  

And as far as web hosting offers to go, YouStable is currently providing the most attractive offer in the industry. With up to 70% discount, a free domain, SSL certificate, CDN, LiteSpeed Web Servers, and daily backup, you can not hope for something better. 

The best of all is the affordability. Read on to find what all you can get with YouStable’s cheap web hosting plans

Free Domain Facility

What’s better than a free domain name with extensions ranging from .com to .in, with a web hosting plan? 

Yes, you read it correctly!

YouStable is offering a free domain name registration for the first year with an option to choose from 12 domain extensions including TLDs and ccTLDs. 

If you don’t believe me, you may visit their official site to check out more about this free add-on and see for yourself. 

Free SSL Certificate

Security is the most important factor. If a user feels safe while using your website, a bond of trust develops. 

In order to ensure that your users trust your website and visit your site again and again, YouStable offers a free SSL certificate. 

That “secured” tag with a lock in the address bar is sure to make your website look even more attractive to your users. 

Daily Backup Facility

Backup is important. The reason is very simple. While creating solutions for the customers, you are bound to do some testing. This may result in something you or your customers do not like. 

A backup means you have an option to go back to a point where your website was as it should be. 

YouStable offers a free daily backup facility to ensure that you have the option to recover your site and start again without losing on the growth. 

24/7 Support

You must never compromise with customer support. Whenever you are looking to purchase a service or product, no matter what it is, make sure that they offer good customer support. 

Since we are talking about web hosting, customer/technical support becomes even more important. 

YouStable offers 24/7 support on chat, call, ticket as well as email where they ensure that the users do not experience trouble while hosting their website. 

They even offer a well-curated knowledge base, where you can find the answers to the most typical hosting-related technical issues you can ever experience.

Litespeed Web Servers

You don’t want your users to bounce from your website just because of its unstable performance. Right? 

YouStable also offers LiteSpeed web servers to ensure that your users enjoy high speed and performance while accessing your website. 

The best replacement to Apache servers, LiteSpeed integration is seamless and offers higher productivity and positive results. 

NVMe SSD Drive 

For those of you, who don’t know the benefits of NVMe drives, let me briefly explain it to you. 

With NVMe, you will experience faster delivery of content, lower latency rates, more stable and reliable servers. 

Optimized for enterprise server usage, the NVMe SSD drives to ensure that your users are able to fetch the data faster from the servers. 

YouStable helps you achieve this goal by providing free NVMe SSD drives on servers for your websites. 

Free Migration

Migration can be the most frustrating experience for those who have created a website with a web host they are not currently happy and satisfied with. 

For such users, who want to migrate their website, YouStable offers free site migration on their servers with complete guidance to ensure that your website is working absolutely fine and you do not experience any inconvenience. 

BitNinja Protection

As mentioned above, security is the most important and attractive feature. To keep your website safe on our servers, YouStable uses BitNinja Protection. 

It protects the servers from Denial of Service attacks, Brute Force attacks, Botnets, backdoors, malware, and many such actors by performing full-scale scans. 

BitNinja offers full-stack server protection and protects everyone on the server from all forms of attacks including hackers and other such threats.

YouStable Pricing & Plans

By now, you must have guessed that YouStable offers the best hosting experience, but it also offers the cheapest web hosting plans. Let’s now discuss the various major web hosting services YouStable offers. 

These major hosting services can be divided into Shared, VPS, and Dedicated servers. The most affordable of them all and best for beginners is the shared web hosting plan. 

Let’s begin with briefly introducing the Shared Web Hosting Plans. 

YouStable Shared Web Hosting Service

The shared web hosting plans are the cheapest in India with maximum features and none other can really compare. 

YouStable offers Shared hosting through three different plans DAStart (ideal for beginners), DAProfessional (ideal for intermediate level), DAElite- (ideal for business enthusiasts). 

Let me quickly explain these three kinds of users. 

Beginners are those who don’t know much about starting a website and would like to try it out to learn how to build a website from scratch. 

The intermediate levels are those who know a little about hosting and building websites but would like to test different ideas. The professional plan allows a user to create more than 1 website on 1 shared hosting account. 

DAElite plan allows you to create an eCommerce site or any professional site that has a good amount of traffic flow. The resources in this plan are enough to ensure that your site is up and running all the time and gives you enough space to grow your business. 

Youstable shared hosting plan
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From the above table, you can see the various features the different shared hosting plans come with. 

YouStable VPS Web Hosting Plan India

Again, with one of the Cheap VPS hosting India, YouStable has categorized the various configurations into 4 different plans. 

Depending upon the usability, a person can choose from the four different VPS plans. YouStable Virtual Private servers come preinstalled with Cyber panel control panel to ensure easy management of the hosting. 

The four VPS hosting plans namely- vStart, vProfessional, vElite, and vStable are configured with resources in such a way that your websites are optimized in a way that the users get the best experience while browsing your website. 

You can check out the various VPS hosting plans with different configurations and their price list  through this chart:

Youstable VPS hosting
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Dedicated Server Hosting India plan

Dedicated servers offered by YouStable are absolutely affordable and come with the best server configuration, complete security, fast network speeds, seamless integration with third-party add-ons, easy management, and full root access.

YouStable is one of the cheap dedicated server hosting providers in India. With so many options to choose from, you can blindly trust YouStable’s Dedicated Server Hosting to host your website and offer maximum reliability. 

As mentioned above, YouStable offers 24/7 customer support with all of its hosting plans. Their support executives are always ready to help you in case you encounter any trouble while using their servers. 

With the ability to change server locations as per your requirement, YouStable has a lot to offer with its web hosting plans. 

You can also check out the other features and resources offered with the dedicated servers from the table below. 

Dedicated Server In India
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YouStable Pros & Cons

  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Optimized Resources
  • LiteSpeed Servers
  • Free CDN
  • Affordable Prices
  • DDoS Protection
  • Easy To Use Control Panel
  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Don’t Offer Any Extra Free Themes And Plugins.

FAQs – YouStable Review

Is YouStable good?

yes, youstable is good web hosting. YouStable and it was the best decision if you are looking for VPS & Dedicated server.

which web hosting is cheap and best?

If you are looking for cheap and best web hosting then I recommend you youstable. Youstable is the best web hosting at affordable pricing.

is youstable is better than hostinger?

yes, Youstable Is better than hostinger from a site speed perspective. I have used both hosting and youstable provides better customer support than hostinger.

Conclusion On Youstable Review

Good web hosting is the first step towards a successful website. So choose carefully. There are many web hosting companies in India that offer cheap services, but there are very few that offer quality too. 

Among the most affordable hosting providers who offer the best web hosting service, YouStable tops the list. 

Through this article, we hope to ensure that you are choosing the best web hosting company in India for your website by telling you what a company can offer to you for the amount of money you are going to invest. 

With all the details provided in the article, we are sure that you will make an informed decision about choosing the best web hosting provider within your budget. 

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. 

We would love to hear from you!

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