Domain authority is one of the main factor when it comes about authority blog. Here are top best free domain authority checker tools.

If someone ever ask you what is your DA & PA?

Whenever you are starting out domain authority is one of the most factors of a blog. And if you are scaring what’s it? or how to check then don’t scare I will teach you here each and every thing.

Well, if you ever flipped a domain or sold a direct ad on your blog, you’d know that SEO-oriented clients are quite interested in the metrics such as Domain Authority and Page Authority.

The reason clients are interested in DA & PA because these are fancy terms in blogging and these matter’s in your site reputation.

Still not getting?

Let me express you each and every thing.

Page Authority (PA):- Page authority is your website page score developed by Moz That how well a specific page will rank on search engine results predicts your page authority score.

Domain Authority (DA):- Domain Authority is a Search engine score developed by Moz that predicts how likely your website rank is. The Domain authority score range from 100+.

Bloggers and SEO experts experiment with keyword research and content creation and also advertising visitors are using this kind of tools before giving brand promotion.

Not only they are doing experimenting but they keep their eyes on the SEO metrics of their websites to understand how their website is growing.

So, They use tools like these.

So I have decided on specific online tools that help webmasters, bloggers check their website domain & page authority.

The top reason why bloggers use free domain authority checker or paid tool?

1. Buying an expired domain

So might be aware from buying expired domains, But folks out of there would know what I’m talking about.

There is lots of SEO analysis before buying an expired domain but,

Domain authority and page authority is one and first factor before purchasing an expired domain.

So customers first check about domain authority and page authority via a free online domain authority checker.

2. selling an website

Flipping a website or domain is very common nowadays. Flippa and many other domain providers and domain selling platforms.

Whenever a domain is being analyzed, buyers check the first domain authority via domain authority checker free or paid.

however, when a site is being pitched, a seller always provides domain authority, website keywords, backlinks, and many more.

So if buy or sell a domain, you’d have to know about your domain authority via a free domain authority checker.

Here are the top 10 best free domain authority checker tool

Free domain authority checker tool
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1. free domain SEO analysis tool

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Free Domain SEO Analysis Tool is an awesome tool from Moz. It checks your domain and page authority and it is a free domain authority checker tool.

And also check your linking domains, inbound links, ranking keywords, and many more.

however, the Free domain SEO analysis tool is a fantastic tool to analyze domain authority. It predicts the domain ranking potential through domain authority scores between 0 to 100.

There are also additional features in these tools in which Spam score is of then which analyze your domain spam score.

2. Website SEO checker

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Website SEO checker is a free online domain authority checker tool,

They have multiple tools like backlink checker, plagiarism checker tool, spy keywords, long-tail keywords research tool, keyword density checker, Domain age checker, Html/XML sitemap generator, Bulk Alexa rank checker, Google index checker, extract URL to a domain, Page authority checker, spam score checker, Keyword difficulty checker, keyword position checker.

You can use the WSC domain authority checker for checking the domain authority for multiple sites.

3. Ahrefs

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Ahrefs is one of the best SEO management tools that helps digital marketers and bloggers. and SEOs in doing competitive analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, and many more.

Domain authority is directly connected to search engine optimization health score in the site.

when a site starts to get traction through backlinks, social media, search engine optimization SEO, social media the elements like page authority and domain authority checker are all included in it.

Ahrefs also helps in deep keyword research, Ahrefs keyword analysis is one of the best tools in it it helps me so much to find out the best keywords.

when all elements contribute to site performance, the domain authority along with other SEO metrics improves.

Ahrefs offers a 7-day trial for $7.

4. Small SEO tools – Domain Authority Checker

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This free domain authority checker tool is developed by small SEO tools and its provide free domain authority checkup.

It takes few minutes to provide you Domain authority, page authority, Moz rank, Domain IP, Linking domains, Total links. It has also some other tools at free you can check out them.

5. MozRank DA – PA checker – by Bloggingos

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These MozRank DA – PA Checker tools are provided by bloggingos SEO tools. Bloggingos SEO tools are like supermarkets where you will get SEO tools for free. like these are free domain authority checker tools.

What the owner says about these free online domain authority checker:-

MOZ Rank checker tool by Bloggingos is a tool that will connect to MOZ DA-PA checker and get your website domain authority and page authority score.
Also, it will give you an idea of how Moz ranked your website.

Bloggingos has had many more tools like website SEO audits. The important talk about bloggingos is all tools are free to use with no limitations.

If You want to know more about the best free SEO tools by bloggingos then click here.

Also, these are trusted sites. You can check out the owner MR VYAS YT Channel.

6. Semrush

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Semrush is one of the topmost SEO tools that have multiple tools like Site Audit, On-page SEO checker, Domain analysis, backlink analysis, Competition spy, Content analysis, PPC Performance, And many more.

All the Topmost bloggers and digital marketers are using these tools.

Note:- I have Written A Guide About How To Take Semrush Free Trial Without Any Credit Card Click Here To Read It.

Now You are thinking there is a paid tool and what uniqeblog say?

is semrush is paid to check domain authority?

Ya, I know there is a paid tool but semrush gives some free limitation in which you can use semrush and can use domain authority, free checker.

Semrush is one of the best features of semrush domain versus domain analysis.

These features contain competitive intelligence based on domains comparisons and give us the best results.

You can find out the best keywords using semrush keyword magic tool, If You are hungry to write blog posts and not getting the topic semrush has a topic research tool you can use it.

Semrush is a fantastic domain authority and site authority checker tool for digital marketers, bloggers, and other businesses.

I can say that semrush is specially made for bloggers.

7. Bulk Da Checker

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Free Bulk Moz Domain Authority checker scores your website on a scale of 1-100. The higher the domain authority of your site determines how well your site is.

A higher domain authority score is important to score well on the search engine.

There is also a free domain authority checker tool and also these provide you with domain authority checker, page authority checker, Moz Rank, Backlinks, Alexa Rank Checker, Ip address, and Google Index Checker these are also a good free check domain authority tools.

8. Search Engine Reports – Domain Authority Checker

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Search Engine Reports has a number of free SEO and website tools.

Domain authority is one of them It allows you to check 10 domain authorities at once.

Search Engine Tools has some other tools like plagiarism checker, Reverse Image Search, Article Rewriter, Grammar checker, Word Count, Website Broken link checker, Website SEO checker, and many more other tools to use.

9. Site Checker

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There is a free page authority checker tool,

I know these are not free domain authority checker tools but it is also important to check website page authority which is called Pa.

There is a special tool made for bloggers to check their website page authority.

SEO has so many factors like backlink, domain authority, page authority, and many more.

page authority is one of them and very very important to check website page authority so I think these free page authority checker tools might be useful for you.

10. Domain Authority Checker Tool by loginex

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Loganix’s bulk Moz Domain Authority checker will gather DA and other metrics that will determine the page or domain’s strength and its ability to rank your site with its links.

Discover the DA, DR, TF, and other important metrics by entering multiple URLs from different, or the same, domain(s).

It is also a free domain authority checker tool and also loganix has provided you full guidance on their page that how to check domain authority for free.


You have checked through all these top most free domain authority checker tools and I think there is the 10 best free domain authority checker for bloggers and digital marketers.

This domain authority DA name was given by Moz as I think you have read above.

Do these articles helpful for you?

Comment below I want to know if this is helpful for you or not?

If you have any questions then feel free to ask I will reply to your every question.

And if you like these then must share these with your friends because I think that this domain authority checker is so much important for domain owners.

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